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Mind Your Mission🌀 

#missionmojo is making a comeback!!!
By far our favorite summer weapon for surfers who want to rip it also on 2ft high tide. BTW - the Mojo is equip with a single to double concave ... just in case you wanted a little bit more control for the pocket. Glassed by @earthtechnologies @ryanshapes 🤙RESPECT

This is one of those days ! #stokedandgrateful

Always gets the most creative photos and extras from @yogasurflove who is mindingvher Mission every moment. #itshappening #mindyourmission #missionhovercraft

@jakegchandler - Good luck today at Semi final @nssasurf #nssanationals #mindyourmission

Endless wave @konasurferboy style. We can not wait to get into Karsten's boat and try it ourselves. We already got the invitation from this amazing family. We are ON . See you soon.

When everything come together and all of the pieces are connected - only then the puzzle is done ! @zoe_mcdougall got the best team behind her starting from family @joy_mcdougall , @mattmcgillivray life partner and all of us who saw the potential from the beginning of this amazing wave warrior !!! #mindyourmission congrats on winning WSA SA OPEN of Surfing #superproud

I met @claire.donahue8 few month ago and from the beginning I saw a girl that surfing will become a part of her life. Super stoked to design your first board. #missioncustomstick #mindyourmission see ya at the lineup 🤙🤙🤙

We cannot be more proud of @jakegchandler aka #supergrom. Working so hard on his 2017 campaign @surfwsa & @nssasurf back and forth on the California coastline. Great job on winning 3rd. Place at #nssawestcoastchampionships and getting ready for #nssanationals ... #mindyourmission thank you for every one who is a true supporter of Jake's path :
@ridershack @ripcurl_usa @zone_clothing1 @headhuntersurf @waxtrak @nsschawaii

@noammaman at #sokolovbeach #nahariya #israel finding lower gravity spot to show his air game. 📸 @yossimeyiri thank you. #surfisrael #israelsurf #mindyourmission #missioncustomstick

Although it happened 2 weeks ago. This is a milestone for @konasurferboy #missiongroms taking 1st. Place @southbayboardriders #kingofsouthbay 2017 !!! We saw the potential of this kid long ago including his committed #Stoked family. We are so proud to be on your surfing path. Always at your corner 🥊 #mindyourmission #missiondarkhorse

Everybody got the same start !!! It is all depend on the environment. Starting with the elements, family, friends & teachers. We inspired by the MISSION. This is our core thought and from there we explore to all directions. This photo Lars and Gilad right before a #microgroms heat @southbayboardriders after so many days at @freedomriders and after school surfing. #mindyourmission #freedomtopseed #freedomgroms #southbay #manhattanbeach 📸 @stevegaffney thank you & Respect.

Almost every other weekend when most of his age group are still sleeping ... @jakegchandler #supergrom wear on a color rushguard and step into the ocean to fulfill his dream to be a pro surfer. #missionsurfboards are proud to be a part of this dream #mindyourmission #missiondarkhorse 📸 by @fakelegphotography thank you.

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