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Miss Info  Serving all facets of hip hop culture for over a decade on @missinfotv . Style Director at @stadiumgoods. Host of "Food Grails" on Complex. Rap mom.


Jaz-Dragon, Places-and-Dragons, Inf-Dragon. πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Episode 4 of @inreallifepodcast on @tidal now! Get into this realness...Angie and I talk about how to reconcile art we love with people we're not so sure about, and more. Also, this Thursday, we are doing our first #IRLaskmeanything on twitter πŸ˜‰

most civilized sneaks, thanks to @noahclothing x @aprixfootwear πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

Goonies...Cam, Tallulah, Max, n King Marley. 😍

Love this! Wardrobe costumer @tiffthestylist and @ballershbo star John David Washington talk shop for @thefader πŸ™Œ #thatsmygirl #mgsforlife

Max's future fave if mom n dad have any say in the matter πŸ˜‰ #weknowwedont #butwhatsnottolove #babyOGs #airmaxday2017 #thankyouPπŸ€—

Love this!! Congrats to @instabeast and the @hypekids @hypebeast team. Can't wait to see what they cook up 🌊

Prepare for your SATs in just 4 short weeks...w/ Rich and Info. #enrollnow #tigerbomb #sheetmasks #mangosteenjuice

#FoodGrailsATL is for all you Lemon Pepper Wing fanatics! No matter if Atlanta created it, or just perfected it...LPW is hip hop's wing and it's bomb πŸ’£ Watch now on @firstwefeast @missinfotv! πŸ™ to our wing experts @richforever @wakaflocka @childishgambino @rembert @jewelwickershow @nickloveatl @dr.dax @hiphoptriviaatl, all the wing spots, and our #FoodGrails fam @chewstang_bahlus @kimberlyselden @benaissalila #whatsyourlocalfoodgrail?! #nextstopfoodgrailsintl (VIDEO LINK IN BIO)

Ep 3 of the @InRealLifePodcast: "Fix My Life, Angie Vanzant!" Today on #tidalonair, Thurs on soundcloud and itunes. 🎯

Was it a halal cart fever dream, or did @therealnoreaga @seanseaevans and I demolish 53rd n 6th last night? πŸ€”#OnTheRunEating #NYC #sooncome #nore x #hotones x #foodgrails #connectpoliticditto

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