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We camped at the trailhead, but @jayboyzee and I were iffy on whether we'd actually get up for sunrise. And I pretty much hated life when that alarm went off. It's funny how much dread can set in when hearing that sound, no matter how soft or lovely. ...but then I looked outside and I could tell we'd be able to get above the clouds. I only wish we'd actually set that alarm for 30 minutes earlier. Next time. :) πŸ“·: @jayboyzee

Trail talk is some of the best talk I've ever known, and it can be incredibly bonding. Especially when you find yourself in a "my cat died" therapy session with @elisabethontheroad and @breezeturner... resulting in group tears, group hugs, and then group laughter. When you can mutually sob on the trail with your newest friends and then die laughing because yeah... that just happened... you know you've made friends for life. πŸ˜‚

Today may be Earth Day, but hopefully we're appreciating and taking care of our beautiful home every day of the year. Let today be a time to reflect on how we contribute to protecting our planet, and in doing so, find a few things that we can do a little better. 🌎 #EarthDay

For anyone that's read my old blog posts, you might remember the first one I ever wrote, which explains where my love for hiking came from. That entire story feels a little lengthy for tonight's caption, but I will tell you that it was something I discovered on my own. I spent many years feeling like there were so many things I didn't want to do... or couldn't do by myself (which is a real tragedy), and hiking was one of them. I didn't really have outdoorsy friends at that time in my life, so I started hitting the local trails solo - almost forcing myself to learn to like it. It felt strange at first, but then it felt therapeutic. Not too long after, I sought out longer, more scenic hikes and venturing further away from home. The more I got out and explored, the more I wanted to see. I became addicted, in the best way. I couldn't believe I'd grown up in such an amazing place and not even really known it. Slowly I gained outdoor friends and integrated backpacking into the mix. Also something I never thought I would do alone, until I did... and I loved it. I also thought I'd never summit a peak by myself, until I did. Here's a shot from one of my favorite backpacking trips to date. One I did by myself and I took this shot on the way down from Del Campo Peak. I made it back to camp a little while later, packed up my stuff and hiked out - reaching my car just before the sun set and grinning ear to ear. So here's to trying new things - you never know where it might lead.

Hi guys! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ It's been a while since I've introduced myself, but I think now is a decent time to catch some people up. My name is Holly, I'm in my 30's and I live in the beautiful and sometimes dreary city of Seattle. It's probably relatively obvious that I enjoy hiking, backpacking, fair weather and playing around with a camera. What you may not know about me is that I work full-time at an advertising agency and I live with my hilarious cat-child roommate. I don't have a favorite anything I don't think, but instead, multiple favorites that usually shift over time. My tastes change constantly and I prefer to adapt to those. On a personal note, I'm single (obviously... I have a cat πŸ’πŸ½) and I live by my own personal motto of "I'd rather find the right guy in ten years than the wrong guy tomorrow" - so I don't really date much. I think too much time and energy is spent on trying to find someone to fit into our lives, that sometimes we forget to just live for ourselves. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ What else?? ...oh, I don't drink alcohol anymore! I made a choice to give it up a while back... and haven't missed it. I definitely haven't missed hangovers and crappy nights of sleep, which were almost always a certainty, no matter how much I drank...or how little. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Aside from that, most or you know that I broke my ankle out hiking just before Christmas, had surgery two weeks later and spent many of the following weeks recovering. It was a challenging, humbling and also inspiring time in my life. Three months after surgery, I was backpacking again and I even went rock climbing last weekend. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I'm not fully recovered, and honestly I may never be 100%, but that's ok and it's a great reminder that accidents can happen and change your life (temporarily or permanently) in an instant. I think I'll stop there, but hopefully you learned something new about me that you didn't know before. Assuming you read all that babble of course. 😜✌🏼 PC: @goldiehawn_

I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Yet another article has come out pitting outdoor women against outdoor women on social media. πŸ˜” The author writes: "These women look nothing like I do when I’m playing outside. I’m usually dirty and sweaty, with hair flying out of my ponytail (unattractively, not whimsically, for the record), or bundled up in functional gear that keeps me from freezing to death. So are my female adventure buddies, for that matter." - I think that passage alone shows the true colors of the author and the message relayed by @misadventuresmg.
After recently returning from a four day backpacking trip with three other women, all with relatively large followings on social media, I'm not entirely sure what to think. We all got sweaty, dirty, stinky and wore functional clothing and gear... and yet articles like these point the finger in a way that makes me feel like our authenticity is somehow in question because of the kind of photos we came back with.
To outdoor women everywhere. You are awesome and you are beautiful. Whether you choose to post pictures of the dirt under your fingernails, or yourself standing in front of the beautiful landscape you worked so hard to get to (whilst unleashing your gorgeous dirty sweaty hair), you are inspiring. For as inclusive as this community can feel, I'm astonished at how exclusive it really can be sometimes.
Regardless, I can't wait to get out hiking and backpacking, bag some peaks and take the kind of photos that I like to take. And I'll keep brushing my hair... because if I don't, that sweaty dirty mess will literally turn into a rats nest... and I ain't got time for that. πŸ˜‚ Ladies, wear what you want, do your hair how you want, post what you want - at the end of the day I just hope you'll be safe, do your research and practice good outdoor ethics. Thanks for posting about this @missmeghanyoung - I can't wait to see your smiling face in the backcountry, lipstick and all. πŸ“·: @jayboyzee

A few nights ago I watched the sun set at Horseshoe Bend... with a couple hundred other people. πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ But you wouldn't know that.

A color so mesmerizing, it was difficult to put the camera down. Difficult, but not impossible. A place that incredible has a way of commanding your full attention, and rightfully so. @elisabethontheroad snuck this shot of me while I was attempting to capture just one small section of the endless beauty of Havasupai.

Views like these will never lose their 'wow' factor. 😱😍

If someone told me that exactly three months after having ankle surgery, I would be backpacking in and out of Havasupai... I would have never believed them. I spent many hours beforehand panicking about it and I assumed I would have to take the helicopter in and out. ...but I chose to just go for it. And I'm so glad I did, because it was an amazing accomplishment for me. ☺ Thank you for helping me with my final photo @elisabethontheroad - even if the light was πŸ’©.

Havasupai was ✨magical✨ and it was hard to leave. It was hard to leave little miss @breezeturner too. Until next time my love - thank you for helping me get this shot. 😘😘

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