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Self love comes in many different forms. Including taking sexy pics of yourself to keep just for you coz u think you look 10/10. #selflove #sendnudes #toyourself #mybodymyrules

We’ve all been there, shower crying so no one in your house can hear you. Mental health is not just about depression and anxiety, theres sooo many ways it can manifest, and so many people struggling in different ways. So for mental health day we want to do a little shout out to some charities that may be a help to one of you, somewhere:⁣

@youngmindsuk - helping young people with their mental health ⁣
@mindcharity - supporting those with mental health problems⁣
@samaritanscharity - help around the clock, every day⁣
@calmzone - specifically for men suffering
@namicommunicate - US specific helpline⁣
@anxietyukofficial - UK based to help with anxiety disorders ⁣
@translifeline - helpline specifically for trans people ⁣

And remember, you’re not alone. Even if it seems that way sometimes. Our DM’s are always open ❤️ #worldmentalhealthday #itsoknottobeok

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we really oughta be reminding women and men to check their breasts for lumps every. single. day. I started checking mine in the last year or so and do it when I put my moisturiser on cos then it feels like I’m giving myself a lil massage. When do you remember to check yours? 🌸
Some warning signs to look out for when checking your breasts:
1. Swelling
2. Skin irritation or dimpling
3. Breast or nipple pain
4. Nipple retraction
5. Redness, scaliness, thickening
6. Nipple discharge
🌸 Check the link for more info: https://breastcancernow.org/about-breast-cancer/want-to-know-about-breast-cancer 🌸
#sharethecare #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth

Lying in bed on a Sunday evening like... ✨ Just a little reminder that social media can be bad for your mental health and almost everything you see on Instagram are just (sometimes fake) highlights of peoples lives ✨#sundayscrolling #mentalhealth #socialmedia

Saturday nights: a constant battle between staying in drinking tea and watching Netflix, or giving in and going out with your friends 😬 #netflixorvodka #selflove #girlpower

Cause shaving is effort and Summer is ending so we need the extra layers 🤷🏽‍♀️💅🏽 #girlpower #hairdontcare #youdoyou

Check in on your friends. Check in on your family members. Sometimes the people who seem the happiest are the ones struggling. 1/4 of people in the UK will experience mental health problems every year, there’s a death by suicide every two hours, and 3/4 of all suicides last year in the UK were Male. We need to start having more open discussions about the stigma around mental health, encouraging those around us to talk about their feelings and know that it’s ok to not be ok 🌸#worldsuicidepreventionday #mentalhealth #awareness

Never feel guilty for loving your reflection in the mirror 💋
#feelingmyself #selflove #bodypositive

Love to shave? Like a wax? Cba? Leave it hairy? Live your own life. #bodypositivity #hairygirlsclub #yourbodyyourchoice

The most important thing in life. #loveyourself #selflove #girlpower


And no one can tell me any different ✌🏼 #girlpower #selflove #feminism

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