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quit lyin  Miss Geni's ass is fake, surprise surprise. She's also a webcam girl, probably using all that $$ to afford surgery.

There's no way in hell that her proportions are real... nobody has a big ass and small ass torso like that. It makes sense for her short height but doesn't add up.


Where the ass at doe

fun fact: Genesis is a webcam model that strips and does sexual things for men and that's how she pays for her shit

Genesis really just tried covering up her slip up. She posted a previous snap saying "my parents are taking pics of me" and took it off. She claims she's Japanese but both her parents look Hispanic, not Asian in any way. Then she posts this new snap saying the man was her grandpa. What a shame. Things that thots do to hide their plastic surgery. She even claims she got her butt genetics from her dad... LMFAO #quitlyin #missgenii

..why does she look so diff than on her ig posts

bitch how

Brazilian butt lift?不

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