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Miss World - England 2016  •Management - Octogan• •Model •Presenter •Miss Preston // England 2016 👑• _elizabethgx - personal account

May we raise them 👶🏽
May we nurture them 🤲🏽
May we be them 👸🏽

Christmas at three houses has filled me up until New Years 🐷🎄🎁

Merry Christmas from the Grant Household ❤️🎅🏽🎄 Sending love, happiness and health for all those and wishing radiant memories for those visiting us today in spirit 👼🏼 Spend time playing silly board games, eating until you can't move, making memories that will last a lifetime and hug your family passionately 🏡👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Reminiscing of the opportunities I have been blessed with 💛

@afofme is just one of the amazing jobs I was honoured with completing throughout my reign 👑

Going on holiday is one thing, but experiencing cultures is another ✈️🌎 I will tick off travelling the world off my bucket list in my lifetime 💭🦀🍋🏝

Our dear Angel in the sky, @skye_mitchell_ we are carrying on your legacy. 👼🏼 Your inspirational #labelled campaign is something we will forever cherish and now has a standing legacy in the #TeamNorth heats 👑

We will learn to love one another one day and this campaign is a stepping stone in the right direction ❣️

Snow White eat your heart out 👑🕊 Early mornings got me reminiscing about warmer sunshine ☀️ and the best memories 😌 📸 - @thirdavenuephotography

If this trip too #SriLanka happens; and is with these girls I think I might explode #ilovethemtoomuch 💜💛💜💛💜💛

Missing all things @missenglandnews recently 💕👑 Especially how it all started with my G 🎀

Aim high and dream big ✨

The only thing stopping you is you.
I am my biggest critic but I know I can achieve so much more!

Life is starting ... now 🌎🙇🏽‍♀️

Sri Lankan Friendships are the best 🙏🏽🌴🌞

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