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Da'Ja Robinson  Bucket list living 📝 New Mommy 🤱🏾 Naturalista 💆🏾‍♀️ Creator of @loverecharged ❤️🔋 & @noboizallowed 🚫

I’m grateful AF. I started 2019 off with 3 challenges and while I’m halfway through 2 of them, this momentum that I’m building has me in a state of calmness with a side of yaaaassss. 💁🏾‍♀️ What I want is already mine, I just have to claim it and show up as the woman who deserves it. ✨ -
lately I haven’t been in the mood to log in, scroll timelines and have a 2nd row seat to everyone’s lives.. I’ve just been extremely present on my day to day focus and showing up for myself. Some days that looks like chilling in a white tee with food stains and cuddling with my son doing everything I can to make him laugh even if it makes me look silly and other days it means sitting in my car for an extra 20 mins to calm my mind before putting someone else first. No matter what’s thrown my way, in THIS moment, life is too generous to have it any other way.

Shout out to everyone loving on themselves a little harder.

thank you, 2018. 💙

The Power of Focus 🔍 - after stalking @cookayemonster + @mayaelious stories/highlights, I noticed they both were reading this at the same time. I ordered it and can see why they recommended this book. - study the greats and people who are successful in areas you’d like to work on. Find out what they’re reading, their habits, their routines and implement them into your lifestyle. The fact that this book has action steps keeps me on my toes. Just what I needed to end the year and start a new one. 📖 -
The Conscious Parent 👶🏽 - this book represents the idea of setting aside traditional parenting strategies that major in controlling our children and instead tune into who each child is and uplift them in a way that celebrates their uniqueness. While no book can prepare you for motherhood, it’s nice to have something to open your mind to. I just want to be the best I can be with this little human I am responsible for.
What book(s) are you currently reading? I’d love to add to my list.
📚 -
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2018 has been a year of transformation for me. I started over twice, gave birth to another being, chose peace over the need to be right (you won’t get an argument out of me), found time to have a life outside of baby, and gave myself permission to feel, to love, to grieve, to fail, to learn and to BE. 💛

Two of my goals for the New Year is to finish what I start and to choose confidently. For the most part, I like what I like and know what I want but when granted with too many options, I’m very indecisive and second guess myself more than a little bit. Oh hey, Libra ♎️ I guess I can look at the bright side and say I like to weigh my options and compare the pros and cons of all options however, I’ve been really paying attention to my energy and I’ve noticed that my indecisiveness brings me anxiety and causes me to waste a lot of time. I really don’t like that feeling so it’s got to go. 🙏🏾 My God isn’t a God of confusion so with that said, I’m walking into 2019 with that Jacquees type of confidence. 🍋
2017: Lemons
2018: Lemonade
2019: Lemonade Stand

Current Vibe:
Doing me.
Watering myself.
Working smart.
Being creative.
Resting & playing.
Being present.
Staying focused.
Laughing hard.
Forever learning.
Reinventing myself.
Caring less.
Loving more.

Not all girls are made of sugar and everything nice. Some are made of adventure, dark chocolate, intelligence, cuss words and courage. - from the book of IGism. 🏍 ❄️ #bigboytoys #nishabetrippin #bucketlist✅ #snowmobile #southlaketahoe

This pic is similar to life itself - you have to look past the imperfections in order to see the beauty of it all. Y’all know I get fake deep sometimes. •
This pic was taken on the #heavenlymountain gondola 🚠 and the windows were tore up but you get the picture.

I wrote South Lake Tahoe down on my 2018 bucket list with no actual plans on going and was able to cross it off with only 3 weeks left of the year. Talk about manifestation 😬it’s safe to say I’m satisfied. This place is GORGEOUS and in the winter it’s a photographers dream. 😍
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I know which one to call if I need to cry. I know which one to call if I want to travel. I know which one to call if I need help or have a business idea and I know which one to call if I need a good laugh... different people serve different parts of you. Honor your friends for who they are and where they are. - collectively these girls make up the perfect ingredients to a well balanced circle. I am grateful 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #nishabetrippin #balance #southlaketahoe #girlstour #friends

Real friends til the reel ends. - I love you and hope you enjoyed your birthday trip.❤️#nishabetrippin

Snowed in, trapped out.
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