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The sky isn't the limit, the ground is. I can't believe I was floating from 15,000ft in the air with the city that raised me in my view. What an incredible feeling! #skydiving #bucketlist ✔️

Mile High Club - different perspective! #bucketlist ✔️ #skydiving ✈️

What if you fall?!
Oh, but what if I fly?! ✈️😜👐🏾 #skydiving #bucketlist

About to get lost in this book until I knock out. - . Feeling like my brain is on information overload with all of the self help books, articles, blogs, podcasts and challenges I engage in daily & weekly.. so if I load up with fun, food and fiction, for a few weeks, you've been warned. First up #theperfectfind #bookstagram #avidreader #bookworm

Today was incredible. We are the two biggest planners, bucket list checkers, hour by hour schedulers I know.. we chose to do none of the above. Besides pics we put our phones down and became present, didn't plan, didn't rush.. just went with the flow and enjoyed one another's energy. Thank you friend! Our friendship is blessed beyond measure. @memoirsofcash

Woah! Forever appreciative of the views surrounding my backyard. #grateful

Back in December my Grandpa prayed and cried and said all he wanted was for his family to be together for his big 90th. We quietly planned and was able to surprise him today. My heart is full. Thank you to everyone who made this entire week/end a success. ❤️ #love #thekingfamily 👑

The Juice + The Squeeze

Your skill is cool but there's not one successful person who got to where they are by themselves. Let go of your ego and begin networking. It can be as easy as starting a conversation off with hi, or a genuine interest in the other persons passion (watch how quickly they lighten up) or as my friend (@candidliv) would say, start the conversation off with a compliment. 👭Begin building concrete relationships. Begin helping others before you expect them to help you. Make friends who have different passions that you can learn from. If you don't have a fitness friend, financial friend, spiritual friend, a mentor, a mentee, a travel friend, etc. get some. And stop expecting one friend to be all of the above. ✨I believe in stepping your game all the way up in every area of your life but again, you can't get there alone. 📖"I learned that real networking was about finding ways to make other people more successful. It was about working hard to give more than you get... do you understand that it's your team's accomplishments, and what they do because of you, not for you, that will generate your mark as a leader?" Beyoncé (enter your fave) would not be who and where she is without the help of her team. Her dancers are just as important as her engineer. Her audio tech is just as important as her hair stylist. They put in just as much (if not more) work and time to make sure she remains at the top of her game.! - loving this book!!!! #nevereatalone WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING ? 📚
#instabooks #relationships #bookstagram

I thought I was going to go in the shooting range and let off like Leon in the movie The Professional but I was easily humbled after this 😂 I'm not a rider. I'll just continue to drink my water and read my books. #dateswithbae #fineapple #bucketlist ✔️

Happiness is...

Behind every cool chick is a group of friends that hype her up. 🤷🏾‍♀️ #iDontMakeTheRules

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