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Da'Ja Robinson || Creator  Risk taker. Thrill seeker. Bucket list checker. 👯‍♀️ @noboizallowed 2011-2016 ❤️🔋@loverecharged 2017-present 🎥YouTube: MissDajaTV

Where have you been Da’Ja? ☝🏾- honoring my season of work and rest. 🐝 but it won’t be long before y’all get tired of me again lol #beychella #gettingtothemoney #thatbounceback #3monthstogo

I’ve jumped out of an airplane at 15,000 feet, hiked up a 1,717 meter active volcanic mountain at 4am in Bali, jumped off a boat in the ocean and couldn’t swim in the Bahamas, ridden on a horse through open water in Jamaica, amongst many other bucket list goals that I cross off each year... yet nothing is more exciting and terrifying than the reality of preparing myself to be a M O M. 🙏🏾Life, you continue to surprise me. From this point forward, he’ll be my plus 1. #20weeks #rainbowbaby #madewithlove #august2018 #comingsoon ❤️🤰🏾 👶🏾

Homie. Lover. Friend. - #happybirthday to this guy. ❣️

This is how I look at her 99.9% of the time. 😏 Happy birthday to this cousin of mine. She turns 15 years old today and I can’t believe it. 🎁 ...
I’m grateful to have a front row seat during this episode of your life. I pray that this year and moving forward you learn to appreciate the lessons your mom and great grams are trying to instill in you. You put your focus on education before b🚫ys. You become the leader and never the follower and you fully embrace your differences because knowing who you are will carry you far. I love you wild and silly kid! 🎂 🎈 🎊 @wowzers.sanaiyah.ar

A little late but never forgotten. Help me wish my amazing friend a very Happy Birthday 🎁 . She is the woman I often times subconsciously lean on for strength and positivity. No lie. I think about her ability to create peace within her heart, her home and her relationships. So anytime I get into a funk, I think about her bounce back, her love for simple things and her motivation to never settle. The definition of good vibes is H E R . Genuineness is her blood type. Fun is her DNA. Leveling up is her structure. Love is her foundation. - a birthday toast to my fitness inspiration. I love you. 🥂 🌈 🐘 ✈️ 💛

Women, you’ll either be too much for some and not enough for others🙄. Love yourselves anyway. ❤️|| and try to ignore that hair grease stain on the couch 😂 📷: @mackvisionphotography #icanttakethishairanywhere #internationalwomensday

Big chop. - I can’t believe I cut off 5 1/2 inches. ✂️ #itsdeeperthanhair #bigchop #naturalhairjourney

“Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped off the slave ships because they knew death was better than bondage…” - this movie was incredible. I haven’t been this inspired in awhile. Just W O W! #blackpanther #wakandaforever

I have this weird obsession with teeth and I have a very good/bad habit with smiling. So I got a bag and fixed my teeth. I can’t lie, I miss my front gap but all of the other spaces are completely gone . I went from 🤓 to 😬. These very items have been apart of my dental hygiene for the last 8 months. •

Swipe left to see my before and after results. The 1st collage is month 1. The 2nd collage are my teeth now in month 8. If you have ANY questions about @smiledirectclub , feel free to ask in the comments. I’ll be creating a YouTube video giving ALL the details including the process, price and my experience. None of this is sponsored. Just a chick who decided to take a chance, save money and ended up extremely happy with the results. #smiledirectclub #beforeandafter

To my roommate, my Suga and my forever friend.. the first day we met you did a favor for me and I didn’t even know you. The 2nd time I saw you, we were on our way somewhere and ended up sitting in the car for 4 hours talking. Needless to say, we never made it to our destination. That was the birth of our friendship. We’ve had 5 years of unforgettable memories since but we have a lifetime to go. I love you with every part of me. Happy birthday. 🎂🎁🎉🎈🎊 @ibrownsugarlx

When I think about black history, I count myself. I think about the history I’ve created and what my existence means to the world. Am I living a life I want to be remembered for? 🧐Am I leaving something behind that my family can grow and learn from? 🤨And then I look through the course of the last 10 years when I first began to use my voice, my heart and my time to serve others and I smile. I live a bold life but for a long time I played it small because I didn’t want to brag. I thought I’d just do the work, post my pics, move on to the next project/event and go. Lol but it’s not about standing on a pedestal. It’s about inspiring someone else to walk in their light and purpose through the work you do. ✨

I can happily look through my history and say I’ve stood in rooms I didn’t think I belonged in and still brought something to the table, created platforms that gave others a chance to share their voice, created events that led to internships, partnerships and business launches. I’ve taught in rooms with kids that were suicidal and made young girls believe in themselves again. I’ve stood on stages with tears from survivors of domestic violence and injustice. I’ve put on countless events from women empowerment, male empowerment, luncheons, mentor events and made no money from them. The list goes on. 📝 •

I did none of this alone. I always had a strong sisterhood of women who had the same mission and values as I did. They were even more powerful than me. But we all had a heart of service because we know the value of serving our community and what it means to leave something behind that can’t be bought, only felt. Sometimes strong enough to change a life... or two. No more playing it small. Our existence matters. ✊🏾 #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth

During my season of rest and transition, this 📖 book is pouring into me what I’ve been running from all along. It’s like reading a book while holding a mirror to your weaknesses. With topics on courage, authenticity, self compassion, resilience, gratitude, faith, creativity, play, rest, meaningful work and laughter..it’s giving me great meaning. I don’t love every book that I read but this baby will get reread at least twice a year. - 📚
It’s also the book that kicked off my online #readalong / book club group. And that cute little bookmark is from my stationery line @loverecharged 😊
✨What’s your January read?
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