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Becoming a mother is hands down the best thing that ever happened to me. Growing up I didn't think I wanted to be a mother because I wanted to be a "business woman". I love the fact that little girls today know they don't have to pick a career vs family. It's apparent you can have it all! I'm honored to be hosting a panel on Friday for @rollingout w/some of Atlanta's most successful and inspirational Mompreneurs discussing how they have achieved the ultimate work life balance! I hope you will join me, @dr_heavenly @niyabrownmatthews @missconceited & @chinazaspeaks for a very special lunch & learn at the @microsoft store at @lenoxsqmall. @marriedtomedicine All are welcome! See you there! (This event is free and open to the public) #mommy #mompreneur #entrepreneur #thefutureisfemale #careerwoman #marriedtomedicine #drheavenly #mommyandme

Shaunell ❤️

I’m Just the15 year old scared pregnant girl who they said would never amount to anything! From the looks of it , they were for sure wrong. Real estate ppl know exactly what this means! No mortgage! Thankful. God introduced me to a Detriot Man and we go for everything that’s for US! Together . God, KK and Conceited Inc! And this is just one of many . More to come! 2018 The Kennard’s are taking over Real Estate!

SK Beauty Suites. We have a few spaces left. Come see us.

Grandmother, Godmother and Mom.. The best Mother’s Day is spending it with ppl you love. While my grandma is talking crap about men lol.

Malik, Kennedy and Kree’s Mom . More importantly Kk’s Wife! ♥️ dress from @therealdee27 store and jacket from @kerawblacksheep

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.. I’m blessed to be the mother of Two Angel babies and a super Dope 17 year old! God allowed me the ability to experience motherhood at the age of 15 . Although super scary and hard i decided to go with it. Who would have knew that he would be my only living child (for now) . Although they are not here I’m able to walk by and talk to them daily. Kennedy and Kree Mom Love y’all and to @leektheegod your my reason for existence. We grew up together and we both turned out pretty damn dope! Enjoy your day ladies! We deserve it!

Yesterday I decided to cut all my hair off! This past year I’ve been trying to figure out the true me and the things that truly make it happy. I’ve also let go of a lot of things that held me hostage. My hair was something I was overly obsessed with. I would only let 3 ppl do it and so on and so on. It was crazy. So I decided to let go of that and I love it! As she cut it I immediately felt a heavy weight lifted (i can’t even explain the feeling). Thank u @rikyataylor for being apart of my journey. As I near my 34 th bday May 31 I am finding the true meaning of living my best life and it starts with being free of all things that have control over me. Now I can wake up and go and don’t have to rush to an appt. The last two years of my life was hell. No one will ever imagine the pain of losing 8 babies and cremating two but God has a plan for me and I’m finally accepting me and knowing it’s ok! I don’t do failure well and he’s showing me I’m stronger than I ever could have imagined. The new me and I finally truly love her. No cap! People think money makes you happy and I realized at one point that all I had was money and it didn’t fix anything! I was more depressed 🤷🏽‍♀️ and it’s cause it didn’t fix my problems. All the money in the world still hasn’t brought my babies back so it’s no longer my goal in life. Although I'll prob never be broke again (thank god) money is the least of my daily goals. My mission now is to be the best wife, businesswoman, and mom I can be. And love with no regrets! My husband really deserves an award. Without him loving me this was have been a different battle. Happy Friday #trulylivingmybestlife

TBH! Just found this pic and started laughing. I thought i was to fine and looking a hot mess with that eye shadow lol. My stomach was on flats even back then

My goal is to win! No to look like im Winning! #iwantmyblondebacknow #tbwednesday

@mozepd Single moms this is for you.

Finally a man perspective. Ladies men don't want u with the long lashes on! #Repost @plies
#Eyelashes I Know It's Sunday Excuse My Language But I Had 2 Say Dis....😂😂😂 "Lookin Like A MTFing Peacock"!!!! 😂😂😂 #Rock💎 #RockTour🔥 #Plies #AintNoMixtapeBih3 #Rock #CheckCallin #RealHitta #FEMA #PurpleHeart💜 #RanOffOnDaPlugTwice #RitzCarlton🔥

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