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Mississippi College  A Christian University • 1826

FacesofMC.11 “The first wedding I was ever in was my grandmother's and I was 20 years old. My grandmother has more game than I do.” - Kelsey #FacesofMisscollege

Today was Dr. Royce’s last day here at Mississippi College. We are incredibly thankful for the past 16 years of service the Royces have given to this great university. Even though they may be leaving, their legacy will live on forever. #TheRoyceYears

The first Orientation has kicked off! Students are now prepping to take their final steps to becoming a Choctaw: signing up for classes.

FacesofMC.10 - “I was saved at about age 10 and for the next couple years I didn't pursue that relationship and I regret that now. Those lost years are definitely a burden for me but I have moved on from that. It was tough, I was not the most popular kid and didn't have a lot of friends, but I finally realized one day that I am not alone. Christ is always with me.” - Chance #facesofmisscollege

Today we welcomed Dr. Blake Thompson as the 20th President of Mississippi College. He will begin here on July 1st. He and his wife Jana have three beautiful children: Grey, Sarah Blake, and Cate. Welcome back to Mississippi and welcome to the Choctaw family!

This weekend we hosted the United States Intercollegiate Archery Championship. There were 25 Collegiate Teams from nine different states here that competed for titles. To see the results go to bit.ly/2KXrhQo .

FacesofMC.09 - “My parents divorce made me feel like it was our fault. Our parents fought harshly all the time. I have a pretty good relationship with both of them but they cannot see each other. They are doing their best for all of us and trying to put what happened in the past. I can see they both have learned from their past mistakes and are trying to do better.” - Christian #facesofmisscollege

Tonight Sam Mooney, Chance Pena, and Jordy Searcy lit up the stage and performed for our students. Thank you Choctaw Fest 2018 for giving our students an amazing show and a night they will never forget.

One Last Night in Black and White was a bittersweet farewell to a legacy that will be engraved in the history of our school forever.

FacesofMC.08 - “I had the best of both worlds. I grew up in a urban area then moved to the suburbs and went to private school. I want to go into politics to help those who feel the racial divide and make people who don’t really understand it, get it.” -Jaylon #facesofmisscollege

The end of a fun filled Derby Week marks the beginning of our Spring Fever Week. Tonight we kicked it off with live music, crawfish, games and good friends!

Today Clubs and Tribes competed in the final events of Derby Week. It’s been a jam packed afternoon of cheering, competition, and high energy! Congrats Kokoa on winning first place by having the highest points from the whole week!

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