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C H A R L O T T E H O L M E S  ॐ200RYT🥊PT L3💪🏼Fitness&Wellness Coach ✨Yogi @another_spacelondon 📺Trainer MTV’s @beachbodysos 🇬🇧@w_modelmgmt 💪🏽Come get @fiit 👇🏽🤸🏻‍♀️

Marking PADI women’s dive day with a throwback to warmer waters with my @fourthelementdive family shooting the new @oceanpositive_fourthelement campaign in Mexico earlier this year
Head to their page to find out more about how you can wear something that is good for the planet ! ♻️🌐🌊
#padiwomensdiveday #PADIwomen #diving #womenindiving #fourthelement #swimwear #ecofriendly #savetheplanet

@lovefitfestival 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜🖤
Thanks @lornajaneuk for the sweet get up and to all my yogis who came to flow in the forest 🙏🏽🌲
#lovefitfestival #lornajane

|| the @naturalcycles mission ||
I’m two months into my @naturalcycles trial, during which I take my temperature first thing every morning and log it into the app...
Pleased to say I’ve gotten used to it and the algorithm is getting more used to me... I’m slowly starting to get more information for example when I can expect my period.. Also slowly getting some green days. But more importantly and for the first time ever, I’m starting to feel completely in tune with my body and where it’s at week by week throughout my cycle!🙌🏼
When I first started taking contraception, not only did I feel confused by the various methods out there, I didn’t feel I was ever provided with the knowledge to understand what was what.🤷🏻‍♀
Finally (at almost 30) thanks to this fab little thermometer 🌡 I’m getting there!
If you’re interested in giving it a go and getting a better understanding of your body then head to my stories to swipe up and find out more 👆🏽
(nc is 93% effective, for 18+ and doesn’t protect against STI’s)
#yourcyclematters #pressforprogress #naturalcycles #ad

Into the Wild 🌴🌲🌳... with the necessary 🥂

Hump day sadness 😞 - the plastic emergency!!!
I was so sad when I saw this video on so many levels I can’t quite put it into words.🚫
If you haven’t started doing your bit yet 👉🏽 NOW IS THE TIME TO START!!!
And even if you HAVE started... can you do more ? 🙏🏽♻️🌐
#plasticfree #saveouroceans #savetheplanet
#Repost @parley.tv
PLASTIC EMERGENCY ALERT!!! We need a wave of change and a material revolution. Here’s the story behind this haunting video.

It was taken in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, where Parley and collaborators are working hand in hand with the military and the city council. Over 500 public workers have been mobilized for this cleanup operation.

After three days of cleanups we have intercepted over 30 tons of plastic, but there is a lot more work to be done.

This Saturday, #CoronaxParley will host a cleanup at the beach – DM us if you are on the island and would like to get involved.
Wherever you are in the world, you can be part of the solution:

#ParleyAIR: Avoid. Intercept. Redesign.

@parley.tv @corona @sustainablecoastlineshawaii

21 questions...
How long did it take you to get fit?
How many sessions a week should I be doing to lose half a stone?
Will lifting weights make me bulky?
What exercises can I do to target my tummy fat?
How do I get arms like you?
Will this food make me fat?
I’ve been doing loads of squats but my bum isn’t getting any bigger - how can I get a big bum?
You’re going about this the wrong way up!🔃
Sure it’s great to have goals and to want to make changes 👉🏽 but the driving force behind wanting to move and ‘get fit’ should be to become healthier and to feel better physically and mentally.
The aesthetics that come with moving more are a byproduct for everyone !!! There’s no magic spell, it’s just consistency ... so get going!
Best of all - you feel 1000x better mentally for it!
Regular exercise is proven to 👇🏽
✨ relieve stress
✨ boost memory
✨ increase sleep quality
✨ reduce depression & anxiety
And boost your overall mood!
Come get @fiit with me ... click on the link in my bio for an affordable way to get top class training into your daily routine from the comfort of your own home 👆🏽
#getfiitwithchar #movementformentalhealth

Monday blues ... or something...right?!
📸 x @luke_inman_photography for @oceanpositive_fourthelement 🐠
Shot in Mexico 🌞

So proud to have ran the British 10k as part of the @unwomenuk team.
The hottest run ever - but stoked to have ran sub 1hr!
Congrats to everyone running today and everyone involved, fantastic effort all round!
@virginsport #british10k

life is the dancer and you are the dance ✨

🇬🇧🖕🏽@womensmarch #BringTheNoise #HearOurVote
So proud to be British and in London today as thousands protest and shout against Donald Trump.
The U.K. will not be a bystander to his hate. We will not stay silent against this monster.
#FuckTrump #dumptrump #trumpprotest #trumpvisit

this is me☝🏽
*insert self love quote here*
No but really - if you wrote a list of things you love, how high on your list would YOU be?
Make yourself a priority; watch your life change for the better 🙏🏽
📸by @oscarmay_

|| run for your right ||
100 years ago The Suffragettes used #deedsnotwords to win the vote for women, on behalf of themselves and generations to come; however in 2018 women around the world are still four times more likely than men to be abused, intimidated and prevented from voting!
There is still work to be done, so on Sunday I'll be running in the #Westminster100 team at the @VirginSport British 10K to support @UNWomenUK and their work for voting equality!
#vswestminster #westminster100 #british10k #virginsport #running #londonrunning #unwomenuk #righttovote #100yearsofsuffrage #votesforwomen #donate #deedsnotwords

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