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Cara Maria☘  She wasn’t looking for a Knight ...She was looking for a Sword🗡 MTV’s The Challenge red haired weirdo bookcameo.com/misscaramaria EMAIL for Booking

The struggle... of finding the right instagram filter. 🤣
Side note: sled pushes are a bitch but amazing for cardio/legs/ass
What do you HATE doing at the gym that you do anyway because the pay off is worth it?
Photo: @sammeejo4 @hides_and_honey
Outfit: @feedmefightme

We didnt plan matching outfits but hot damn! A knight. A queen. And a boss (aka my girl crush fireball)
Thats a squad!
What look would you most want to rock?

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After everything I’ve been through
I’m still smiling
not because am strong
but because I’m crazy
Now that should scare you .
#harleyquinn #crazy #keepsmiling

I’m not sure if I attract crazy or if I make them that way.

When you push a banana and a carl in a corner... dont be surprised when we end up on the same side.
Yeah. We have our past. But. Here we are. This is your fault.
Oooh. Look what you made us do.
Come see us this Friday @harrahsresort @poolafterdark and sat night for the challenge throwdown in NYC @thegruntguy
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NEW YORK, ORLANDO, AUSTIN, ILLINIOIS. The challenge crew is comin to party with you this summer and all for a great cause. Take this dirty banana off my hands will ya? #lovemybanana
Get tix http://www.challengethrowdownforthecause.com

Never let a win get to your head
Or a loss get to your heart

When was a time in your life you felt the most accomplished? One of your proudest moments? Please Tell me about it in the comments :) I love your stories. ❤️

So proud of this moment. We ran so many miles. I carried the same weight as the men. I ran with the same shackles. I wore the same armor. I finished the first portion of the run about 5 mins behind zach. 2/3 mins behind kyle. (Production confirmed). When i finished the puzzle i waited for at least 30 mins for anyone else to finish. No one can take anything from me here. Not one thing. I put my entire heart into this final and kept up with (and passed a few of) the boys in the physical part alone. I didnt want to just win. I wanted to destroy. And to those who say “eh she won on a puzzle” THAT IS THE GREATEST WIN OF ALL BECAUSE ITS AN EQUALIZER! are you putting more value on physical strength than mental strength? of course a bigger stronger person can win a simple race. That is no surprise. But a memory game? That can be anyones win. I have never felt more accomplished. Never quit. Ever. You never know what you can do! ❤️🌈
This win was for my fellow weirdos out there and anyone who has been told “no one likes you” “you arent good enough” “you are a loser”- i stand with you. All my Love to those who have supported me through this journey. Thank you. 🗡 @mtv @challengemtv #thechallenge #thechallengevendettas . .
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A grenade queen and a knight with a rubber shield. 😜
If kam earns herself another grenade who SHOULD she give it to? What would YOU do? TELL HER who and why! (not me please)
@iamkamiam_ @challengemtv
Stay tuned tomorrow for the aftershow!

No rest for the wicked. ....How do you escape all the chaos and rest your mind? Share with me in the comments. ❤️ #nyc photo by @iamkamiam_ 😈
#newyork #timessquare (it was a ghost town at 5am on a Thursday)

Get you a girl who can do both.

Tag a woman in your life who is both a #beautyandabeast and COMMENT WHY you think she is a warrior #girlpower 😘 #sharelove

When you are set up to lose,
Play like you have NOTHING to lose.
@challengemtv #teamblue

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