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Facade Friday. #brittttsinlondon #facadefriday #latergram I know you've seen this before in my feed, but in a very blurry, rainy way. So here it is on repeat. 🌱#londonfacades

That city life. #brittttsinlondon disclaimer: #latergram

A rainy midday outside of Cafe 1001. Should have gone in for a boogie, really. #brittttsinlondon disclaimer: #latergram #bricklane

I used to love walking past St. Paul's every morning on my way to work (on Old Bailey street) back in 2006. I used to stop and look up and think "wow", before popping into Pauls for a pastry, or stopping infront of Marks 'n Spencer's to smell the fresh bread. Well, this photo does not depict the direction from which I would walk from, my friends. This is just good 'ol iconic London for you. #brittttsinlondon disclaimer: I'm not. #milleniumbridge #stpaulscathedral

Can you guess what makes this a latergram? #brittttsinlondon #leadenhallmarket

Striding around Guildhall. #brittttsinlondon #latergram #guildhall #strideby

Good morning. A good one it was. Here is the inside of @duckandwaffle ☺️ Happy Friday. 💡 #brittttsinlondon #latergram

Welcome to The City of London. Or perhaps we were on the border of the actual city? (You'd understand having walked through the city, noticing placards, bollards, even street signs, and the crest changing once you're in. Guess we didn't notice at 8am, pre-coffee). Either way, we were 42 stories up, eating at The Duck & Waffle, hoping to see the sun rise this morning. Regardless of the cloud cover, it was still a beautiful view for breakfast. So, here's the start to my city row as I'm trying to think of an organized way to post my copious amount of photos. And for more travel photos with a delectable color palate, check out @samimpey as she has a good eye for beautiful things. ☺️ #brittttsinlondon but I'm not really! #latergram

Hampstead. Dressed in my favorite color. 💜 #brittttsinlondon #latergram #morningslikethese

More of that beautiful day wandering around Hampstead. I spent yesterday in jury duty all day, got chosen for an afternoon session and have to return today for them to choose jurors. I'm hoping I do not get picked as my job does not compensate for it. I've luckily not had to wake up early for the summons, but look.. body clock is live and kicking. Im still waking up at 6am. Coffee, and morning #bootycall it is then. I'm referring to exercise. 🍑☺️ #brittttsinlondon but I'm not.

A Hampstead haunt, indeed I'd say. How many times have you all seen this facade? Well, I too added it to my collection last month while in London. Along with hundreds of others photos! And still adding photos from beaches and such back home! Maybe I'll go between LA and London? We'll see where my mood takes me. For now, Hampstead. #londonfacades #bandwagon #brittttsinlondon