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Amber Witzke  Art director, animal lover, & drag queen aficionado from Sacramento, CA.


The insane atrocity that is my #closet. Everything (I haven't worn recently) must go!

Proudly supporting my favorite store, @nordstrom. I would have made a minute long video about my order, but I was busy at my job working all day & do my shopping online. Who would want to watch all that clicking anyway?

I just got the most awesome #text from a stranger ever! Someone I don't know is having an awesome day with #Chicago. My faith in humanity is temporarily restored! \m/

I just realized while lying on the kitchen floor from exhaustion, with Sunny smashing his squeaky toy on my head, that his toy & the rug are the exact same material & color (dogs toy is dirtier of course). This is the highlight of my night. #mildlyinteresting Guess I'll pick myself up now & wash that starfish.

Happy Valentine's Day, @decabet. Love you!!! ❤️🐶💋🐶❤️

Johnny & June. ❤️

New #plannedparenthood Merch. All proceeds will be donated to #istandwithpp. Link in bio.

Tiny house subdivision. #minimalism

#Paint the #chairs they said, it will be easy they said. They being me. Well at least one looks perfect! The other one is TBD. 😬 #diy #diydying #dippedpaint