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Alice Wong  Information Design & Storytelling [ Graphic / Book / Film ]

@stimuleringsfonds @studiomoniker Thank you for the hard work! 🙏🏼

I call my grandparents whenever I depart from Hong Kong, today there’s only my grandma could answer my call.
Rest in peace.

My 2 cousins are singing on stage ❤️ #alumni

螳螂捕蟬 王雅媛在後
iphone > ipad > tv > iphone

Meanwhile I’m staying over at my cousins’...the two of them just jumped into ‘my’ bed. #howtoconverttosardine #hongkongistoohot

My 2-month old nephew Liam! Hello world ☺️

Done! She keeps adding extra ingredients, just in case! To make sure I can be full this time. She keeps feeding me with different magnets as well..like dogs, cats, frogs, goldfish, ducklings also... I should be full, right

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