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Michelle Alba  I'm bad at hugging.

Another Alba boy was added to my collection last night.

So dramatic.

Forever grateful for this pretty lady.

My abuelita (grandmother) and I didn't speak the same language. Literally. All of my favorite memories of her came in the quiet moments when she (tried) to teach me to roll tortillas, make tamales, or while I sat with her while she embroidered something beautiful. I'm going to miss those quiet moments.

Good job getting married, Jamie!

My best friend from Berkeley showed up on my doorstep unannounced today. The occasion called for friendship bracelets and lots of ice cream.

"YAH! YAH!" My newest piece from my favorite local artist.

I love my neighborhood.

I found this old letter from a kinder student I taught years ago. I have now tested my 4th graders for over 10 hours. I'm sure they are itching to call me the same name as the kinder kid.

The last month threw me for a loop. Many loops. But I survived! Shout out to my coworkers (more than EVER), my bank, Salt Lake City police department, my parent's basement, my therapist, NyQuil, my dad's SkyMiles, my mom and my friends. I'm OK! Here's to a new week.

I've been teaching at the same school for 7 years now. One thing that I continue to learn is how strong, resilient, and brave these children are. I'm so lucky to get to spend time with them every day.

Easter snuggles with my blue-eyed nephew.

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