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Lei Marie🍃  "Now I know she'll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inspire me
Be a part of everything I do.." ✨

It's been the craziest most stressful week ever. (Love that song tho)

What a wonderful day today ❤ Just us two wandering around😁 Love you💙

Words cannot express how much I love our little group🙊 #TheBrobinos

Happy Birthday to our little turtle, Dorian Raven Lindeman❤ I love you doe doe. More than you know. Thank you for stepping into my life and making it that much better✨ I hope you are enjoying your clean room😘.. and I hope 20 treats you good😜 #DontStopPullingBitches ✊🏼

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Alexa, she is one of the closest people I hold in my heart. I cherish her friendship and her so much. She's stuck by me for like 7-8 years now. That's sisterhood honestly. We share so much trust and we are there for each other even when it's too hard to share. I am truly blessed to have this lady in my life. Hope you had fun yesterday and we are going to TURN TF UP next week🤘🏼🔥🎉 You're 21! Enjoy it! You only have to wait 9 months for me🤣.. Happy Birthday💌

The forests of Alexa's front yard 🌱 @_kingsphotography #kingsphotography

If you're looking for ordinary, I'm not your girl. 📸: @_kingsphotography #kingsphotography

Be on the lookout for our mixtape coming soon. Exclusively going to be sold only on cassette tapes so get your cassette player before release date.

The pictures our world can paint 💙🎨 Cherish what the earth gives us🌎 We're too focused on things that truly don't matter💔 #loveearth #ocean #sunset #beach #socal

(Honestly a perfect picture describing our relationship lol😘) Happy Birthday to this beautiful soul❤ she is so sweet and so caring. She's so fun and a blast wherever she goes but as soon as you really need her, she turns into your mom🤣❤ Sonia I hope you are super happy you are free of jury duty and hope you have a marvelous day. We get picked on the most in our group so us weaklings gotta stick together. Even tho we punk on each other most of the time anyways😉😅. Well.. I love you very much Sonia🌸💕. I hope this year treats you well and we will make even more outrageous and exciting memories together! 😍🎉😜🍻🍾 Happy Birthday🖤 @__sonnniiaa

📸: @_kingsphotography

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