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I still can’t believe in less than a few hours, I will finally get to go back to the Philippines after 4 long years. If anyone truly knows me, they know that this place is my whole heart. Even though I was born in California & I now reside in New York, the Philippines is truly my home. I have so many mixed emotions & I know this whole week will be so bittersweet but I’m just so grateful to finally go back home. I cannot wait to show you all why this place & the people mean so much to me.

I now know that the worse mentality to have is believing you’ll always have time. We always believe that we have time to do this & accomplish that but what we take for granted the most, is thinking we will always have the time in the world to be with the ones we love. For 4 years, I had that mentality. For 4 years, I always thought “oh I’ll visit my Tatay next year” or “I’ll visit him soon when I have enough money, time, etc.” I regret now, more than ever, taking for the granted all the opportunities I could have had, to see & spend time with you. For the past 5 years, you fought a hard battle. You lost your memory, your ability to move, but you never lost your fighting spirit. Every time I pray, it breaks my heart to imagine you laying in that bed, everyday, motionless, wondering how someone can live like that, but you have always been a fighter Taytay, & after 5 long years of fighting, you don’t have to fight anymore, you can finally rest. Thank you for all the love you have given to your kids, grandkids & great grandkids. Thank you for being an amazing grandfather & great grandfather to each & every single one of us. Going home to the Philippines was always special to me, especially knowing that I will be reunited with you & the family & I knew that’s what truly made you the happiest. You lived an amazing life & now, you can finally be with Nanay up in heaven, where you two belong. I love you so much Taytay & word’s can’t describe how extremely heart broken we all are. We will miss you so much. In two days, I will finally go back home to the Philippines to see you for the first time in forever & for the last...

I only love my bed & my momma, I’m sorry. #notmybed

Had to end their last night by taking them to the place that I believe, has the greatest view of Manhattan ✨

Sunday’s at MoMA

Wish you were here @mikaelalyssa @serotonin9 @kimdecastroll @cuttreenah @kayceecamille. Welcome back to NYC Katrina & Chris ✨🧡

Spontaneous days are always my best days. From having a fam Filipino brunch & mimosa’s in the lovely neighborhood of Long Island City @ Marie & Paulo’s place to last minute crashing a wedding (which was the best & most lit wedding I ever been to).
Thank you again for having me Wasif & Afreen! You guys are such a beautiful couple & your reception was so beautiful & filled with so much good vibes, wedding goals for sure 😭 I’m glad that my bestest days in NYC are always w my fam. I love you guys. Yesterday was one for the books🧡🤟🏻 #afreenandwasif

Spontaneous nights are the best nights✨

Missing this girl who will forever be my baby Sophia in my eyes.

Does she move your body? Like I moved your body?

Happy birthday to my beh. I’m so thankful to have such a wonderful soul like you in my life. I’m foreva missing ya & I can’t wait to see your sexy ass when I get back home🧡 Ty for always being there for me & having my back, you deserve the best & more. Mahal kita babe😘✨ #matching #angcorny

Because in Indo, it’s already this girl’s birthday.
I just want to dedicate this post to the most kind hearted & beautiful soul I have ever met. Happy birthday to my amazing & beautiful bestie. My life would definitely not be the same without you. As soon as we met almost three years ago in Vegas, I just knew that you & I were gonna be one another’s ride or dies. You have a spirit like no other & the biggest heart that I know. You have this aura that just makes people instantly love you & I’m so blessed to have someone like you in my life. I love how we always go through the same thangs at the same time (especially when it comes to men LOL), how we can be both a grandma & “ABG’s” together & most importantly, I love all the memories & adventures we have shared with one another. I’ll always be here for you babe. Enjoy Indo my dear, you are seriously living yo best life! I love you dearly ✨ #letsbelonelytogether #foreveroursong

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