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Miss Riska  🌐 BALI Vegetarian ~ Entrepreneur @missriskaswimwear ✈️ Sri Lanka 2-7 June Model || Fashion Designer || Creator ➝ Business / Click Email Bottom

Transparently the truth! whatever it is you want either is love, success, career is what you believe that’s what you sending it to the universe.✨ I have had sort of mentality of those all the sudden “Maybe it just not what was on the card for me” and as long as I have that mentality I didn’t reach what i want, because I was rep-ejecting it to the universe - that was okay! So that’s what universe gave me back.
But then i’ve changed the mentality i have and I say “i’m going to make it happen this year” i will have success and i want Love ~ I deserve Love, and i will finding it (it was last year) then I start to write down all the things I want and that what I’ve sending it to the universe and that’s what I feel and have the day today for what the universe gives me back!❤️👏 #missriskaofficial

Hey i’m back🙋🏻‍♀️🤳 #missriskaofficial

Get lost in paradise 🌴💖 #missriskaofficial bikini @missriskaswimwear

Selamat Pagi teman- teman, selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa ya bagi yang menjalani. Oh ya aku mau share rahasia di mana aku treatments kecantikan nih! Buat yg sayang pacar atau suami dan juga sayang diri😍😉 bisa datang langsung di @rumahsulamalisbali or book via Whatsapp di +62 852-0023-9000 bisa datang langsung ke tempat kalian juga Lhooo... 🤩☺️ di jamin nga nyesel deeh....😘😘 @rumahsulamalisbali #missriskaofficial

Learning from the deepest and biggest mistake, that you’ve done in the past is truly changed your fears and becoming in love from your heart and your soul. ❤️ #ifeelitwiththelove #missriskaofficial

It seems like a dreams 🌷

Have a great day🌹 #missriskaofficial glamours anytime @pink_tree_label

When the sun is Up! 🌝🏄‍♀️#missriskaofficial

Aku Berdiri untuk semua para wanita di manapun dan untuk di seluruh dunia! tidak memandang dari mana asal kalian, ataupun warna kulit yang kalian miliki. Di sini aku Berdiri untuk menciptakan inspirasi dan rasa percaya diri kalian sebagai wanita! Bullying atau rasa ketidak nyamanan di masa kecil selalu terjadi, tetapi semua itu akan berlalu dengan masa masa yg akan datang di kehidupan kalian.❤️ @missriskaswimwear #missriskaswimwear #missriskaofficial

Salty, sweaty 🔥 @missriskaswimwear great start for the week!✨#missriskaofficial #missriskaswimwear

Saturday messy hair ♠️ #missriskaofficial @missriskaswimwear

What is the best favorite about you is Always Complete.. Us ! Putting happiness without limitations and bringing Love that we never Had, i am truly grateful for the person you’re in to my life and for what we have builds since the beginning.💋 You’re favorite to me while i know it’s 2am might night and someone keeps laughing at me because while i can’t sleep, feeling hungry, and I make lot of noises at the the kitchen and trying to make something that like my favorite noodles🍜but still you come over to me, not to be mad at me but sitting and watching me eating to say Selamat Makan! ❤️ 👏 #Bonappetite! #couplegoals #missriskaofficial

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