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Courtney Maguire  βš’Work hard. Stay humble.βš’ Houston Rny 9/8/14 5'7" Hw: 310 Cw: 145 BA+mastoplexy+TT: 9/1/16 CREEPY MEN BLOCKED.


What a surreal experience. In 2004 I lived in Indonesia during the tsunami but travelled to the United States for Christmas break so didn't experience the turmoil dead on. Houston has had issues with flooding before but a lot of us didn't expect it to turn out this way, even with all the warnings. My house is located in the highest part of Houston so we are so fortunate to have remained dry and with food, water and air conditioning. We housed several people who were not so unfortunate and have been watching the devastation happen before our eyes. The sun broke through the clouds today and I think #hurricaneharvey has finally made an exit. I have attached a website for those interested in helping and wondering how. I'm glad we are safe and now Houston is stronger than ever and on the mend.


Happy #throwbackthursday ! This is my story of losing 160 lbs. With the help of gastric bypass and major lifestyle changes of course. It all went hand in hand for me. I had the surgery to help control my out of control eating habits, it was my last resort. Then I dedicated all my time and energy in learning how to care for my body with food and exercise. Once I dropped the weight, I decided to get the skin removed on my stomach. Now all the hard work I put in can shine even more. I'm proud to say, I worked hard for this even if I asked for help.

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So today was awesome. Slept in, went to the gym and did legs, went running at the park with the boyfran, and now we're getting ready for date night. Even though it's only week two, I feel so good, like I'm almost back to the mentality I had before. My body is feeling lean but if you scroll to the second photo, that's what my arm looks like when I run. I'm so happy with how I look today, but that is just what happens when you lose 160+ lbs. I'm going to work on building more muscle in my arms to help, but I've seriously come to accept the loose skin I have in other places. Also, it's been so great having a partner that goes running with me. It helped push each other's I did 1.39 miles in 19 minutes without stopping. I'm a horribly slow runner, but I didn't stop once and that's huge. I'm feeling pretty awesome today. Happy to be back at it.

Back at the gym after a while. I felt totally weak, like it was the first time at the gym. I also felt shy and nervous, like people could smell that I was fresh. I've lost a lot of my strength which I knew, but I'm technically starting fresh and will continue at it. I need to get back in it before I get permanently burnt out.

Hey y'all. I'm out here in cancun with my love and enjoying every minute. I'm feeling strong and confident, even with my imperfections. Just wanted to chime in and let you know, you will find happiness within yourself and true acceptance if you let go and allow it. β™₯️

Way out of my comfort zone but here it goes. My man and I are going to Cancun next week and this is the first time I've been to the beach since my weight loss. I am very ready to get out of Texas and the weird cold fronts we have here. If I'm being honest, which I try to be with you guys, I'm a little disappointed in myself. I stopped working out when school started back up. Trying to maintain a full time job, school, new relationship, working out, and sleep is just too difficult. I'm having a hard time finding the time and even more so finding the motivation. I'm just now starting to get fluffy and lose a lot of my muscle. I wanted to do more prep for this trip but now it's too late. But I know it's not too late for me and my journey isn't over. I promise myself that I will sit down and find the time to get back into things and juggle things more appropriately. I'm so incredibly happy with my life today, I just need to put the gym back in to get even happier. Also, I bought these white bottoms. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought I could pull them off. But I love them. And I love that denim skirt!


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