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Miso and Nori  Senior Shih Tzu + Rescue Pup! 🐾🐾

These two have such a special way of playing with eachother💛 Miso is 15 and Nori is 1. Their bond gets stronger every day that goes by and age doesn't seem to matter at all.

It's already Monday?

Sorry for what I said while I was juicing 💦

Ready for the long weekend 🙃😛

Happy 15th Birthday, Miso!!! 🐾🎂
Repost @amandalle - "You've been there for me during the happiest moments in life and pulled me out of the darkest. From my first heartbreak in high school to our recent move out west and everything in between, you're the one I always find comfort in.
I'm forever thankful for you my little mooshkie, schmoo, mimi, meese, skoobin, moobin, moomoo, funny man, stink-stink... Life wouldn't be the same without your little button nose, face snuggles, cuddle bombs, mr. miyaji goatee, cashmere coat and of course your funny little half-bark. I just love love love you so much!!!!" #adventureswithmiso

I could get used to this ☁️☁️☁️ #noritails

Head scratchies are my fave 🐾

Meet my bestie, Sunny☀️ She's an 80lb pitbull.. and RESCUE just like me! #adoptdontshop #noritails

I agreed to a bath, now where's my greenie?

Wake me up when it's dinner time! 😴

Ready for some belly rubs 🙃

I'll be right here if you need me ☁️

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