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Ooooone more with my mom too~
My sis and I had never snorkeled before so this was a really cool experience.
tbh I didn't enjoy the actual cruise part much until the last day when I discovered the coin pusher games in the arcade and the casino. Probably a good thing I hadn't discovered them sooner other I wouldn't spent and lost a whole lot more ahahaha
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This entire trip was so beautiful 😭 Gonna finish a line of pics from Puerto Vallarta.
We also went to Cabo and Mazatlan! I wish we had more than a few hours to explore each place but it was still fun!
#puertovallarta #beachjump #sisters

This trip was p cool! Much different from any other family trip we've done. We swam with dolphins, went ziplining, tequila tasting, and snorkeling! This photo is actually from the photographer on the boat in Puerto Vallarta where we went snorkeling for the first time. She was really chill and got some cool shots. This photo is right before we had to swim to shore because they couldn't dock at the beach ahaha
#selfie #puertovallarta #marietasislands

As much as I love the cute bunk on the ship, I miss sprawling out on big beds ahaha
#tushietuesday #booty

We're in Cabo now! Getting ready to swim with dolphins~ 📸 @_lexiecollins_

My goodness the view is beautiful 😭
I think we decided on snorkeling, zip lining, and swimming with dolphins in Mexico, so I'm p hyped about those~
#selfie #cruise #tots #lollll

Woop woop we're already on the boat! We don't depart for another hour, but I'm getting excited to show off my swimsuits PFFF
Kinda wild, but I actually don't like boats. I love everything about the ocean, but boats make me p sea sick being inside them 😭
Anywayyyyy, let's make the best of it!
📸 @square_noodles
#bikini #bikinimodel #model #beach #beachwear

Just throwing another one out here because I was feeling pretty dang good today ahaha
#selfie #nomakeup #feelinggood #myself

pffff actually tho. I just got a trim~~~
i desperately needed one. Those split ends were goin WILD. Now I feel freshhhhh~ ✨
#selfie #nomakeup

but actually just sweating all of my body away LOL been wearing only shorts and loose shirts around the house, but it's not. enough. ahhhh.
I know I've been sharing a whole lotta Yoko, but this may be my favorite photo from this shoot. It's so cute 😭
I hope you guys are keeping cool! I'm leaving for a cruise to Mexico in a couple days, soooo ooooooh boi will it be hot ahaha
📸 @square_noodles
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Beach Fun in the Sun ☀️
Like a lot of sun. We were out for a little more than an hour and I already got a tan 😫
Also, I am so sorry for missing Tuesday Tuesday 2 weeks in a row. FORGIVE ME 😭 📸 @square_noodles
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'bout time I did more BNHA! Not official, but I've been wanting to use this bikini for this exact purpose for like monthssss ahaha It's so cute 😭 Thank you so much to @bee_farmer_ for gifting me this bikini! Also, y'all should check her out bc she's one of my lewdspirations and i love her so much 💕
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