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New #victorbadminton racket arrived just in time for tonight's league game, trying the new hypernano x800 for a change instead of the bravesword12

Another former league team today #darlingtonfc #bostonunitedfc

Just smashed this kid on fut champs absolute credit card player #fifa17

These 81 guaranteed packs are beasts 2nd time in 2 days I've packed this guy, once unreadable and one which sells so welcome to the club #fifa17 #FUT

Waited til the new one to watch cards were in packs to open my FUT champ rewards and packed this bad lad along with one of the new 81 rated one to watch gabbiadini #futchamps #fifa17

Finally got my winter jacket I've been after for a while had to treck over York for it though #napapijri #skidoo

Banquet have finally sent the right version through of my Xmas presents from holly and her dad so happy about the descendents record I didn't have a clue about it :) #blink182 #chesirecat #thedescendents #everythingsucks #vinylcollective

Let's go Owens #universaltitle #royalrumble

Not going to be able to play all my games again this week as I'm at work tonight but placed gold 3 again with 9 games remaining and also placed gold for the month #fifa17 #futchampions

You sure that 1 block will be enough for us mate? "Yea plenty of room" How wrong you were get a second block open. Great vocal backing for the lads today #darlingtonfc

Proper away day decent following and 3-3 #darlingtonfc

Interesting night hadn't played at Eppelby for nearly 15 years feels even smaller than before, took an L but I think possibly still top of the league. Richmond away on Monday least back to normal size halls #greenhousebadminton #badminton