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Michelle L.  🌍Wanderluster ✈️ 📚Midori Traveler's Notebook ✍🏻WORK WITH ME: @michellefreelances 🎨 ART: @artbymichellelim 📍 Malaysian

Honestly going to miss everyone in @redbullmy ❤️ It’s been a good 3 years. Cannot ask for a better team and a better boss @chokching ❤️ #halloween #redbullbestplacetowork

Happy 34th birthday @moijiayung77 ❤️🥩 So glad that we had such an amazing #wagyu meal. Not my birthday, but I’m so happy.

Motto for life 🌏✈️ #loveforanalogue

What’s in my bag? I carry daily essentials like my TSLxBK Wallet, @twsbi eco pen (in a leather pen holder I made), a brass ruler, TRC brass pencil, Mini MTN that I clipped to the zipper, slim razor powerbank, wires, card holder and my prayer beads. Yes, the Engineer Pouch holds a lot of stuff! ✏️🖋📏📚#midoritravelersnotebook #lovedoranalogue #thesuperiorlabor #baumkuchenstudio

My everyday essentials are always with me thanks to the Travel for Life Wallet and Engineer Pouch - the result of a great collaboration between @the_superiorlabor and @baumkuchenstudio ❤️ #loveforanalogue #midoritravelersnotebook #baumkuchenstudio #thesuperiorlabor

All I need in life is pencil and paper. Tea and cake comes as a bonus. #midoribrasspencil #loveforanalogue

Street art in any country is always relatable and vibrant. ❤️ #streetart #hajilane

Have not had such beautiful nails in so long. Botanical design with gold leaf flakes by @thenailartasaurus 💚💛 #nailart

Sky mirror ⛅️ #artsciencemuseum

Managed to get Daniel Ricciardo’s autograph ❤️ #singaporegrandprix #redbullSG

☀️⛵️ #marinabaysands

Happy Meowdeka everyone! 🇲🇾 It’s our 61st Independence Day and one of the best yet. #merdeka #sayangimalaysiaku #ReikoTheCat

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