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Michelle L.  🌍Wanderluster ✈️ 📚Midori Traveler's Notebook ✍🏻WORK WITH ME: @michellefreelances 🎨 ART: @artbymichellelim 📍 Malaysian

Had so much fun at Hi-Tea on the Lawn at @themajestichotelkl 🍰🍹 Thanks @nikkeiann for the annual treat ❤️ We are absolutely matching today (without planning to) #loveyoulongtime #mydiamond #BFF

I always use my birthday month as an excuse to buy myself gifts - like this lovely brass bullet pencil to go with all the other little brass items I have in my #midoritravelersnotebook ❤️📝 #loveforanalogue #midoribrasspencil

Had so much fun learning with Sze Jie of @fourjei on the art of leather making. It’s an amazing skill to learn and it makes one appreciate good craftsmanship. #leatherlove #fourjei #loveforanalogue

Sketching ideas with my feline assistant. 🐈☠️ #midoritravelersnotebook #loveforanalogue #reikothecat

Super adorable ❤️ 📖 #midoritravelersnotebook #loveforanalogue

It’s #caturday 🐈 #Reikothecat Super cute Mewji collar from @lukeleiachewie 💕

Pretty kitty with her new Mewji bow collar from @lukeleiachewie ❤️ #ReikotheCat

Been awhile since I had gula melaka ice-cream 🍦❤️ #riuhinthecity

I decided to use my #minimidori to document my favourite artists and their quotes & works. 🎨It was real challenging to imitate a master’s work on a small surface (4.4x4.1cm) but I had so much fun! #midoritravelersnotebook #loveforanalogue

Nothing beats the 💕cuteness of the #minimidori which I had personally assembled 3 mini books 📖 to place inside it. #midoritravelersnotebook #loveforanalogue

Just wrapped up a quick filming session. 📚I’ve not really spoken about this but I’ve got a YouTube channel dedicated to my #midoritravelersnotebook and some art stuff. My voice sounds really weird on camera and OMG my hands look super weird too! But it’s something I promised to give a try this year so if you ever want the link, just DM me. #loveforanalogue #traveljournal

Travelers often throw away important bits of their travels like tickets and museum floor plans. 🗺 Keeping them not only enhances your memory of your trip, but gives you a tangible sense of remembrance when you look back. ✈️ #midoritravelersnotebook #loveforanalogue #traveljournaling #vincentvangogh

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