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Amber Dawn Orton / Fokken  💍Married @brandanfokken 💙 Mommy @eastanalexander 💪🏼 Dymatize Athlete 👻 Snap: amberdawnorton 💻 Owner @ado_fitness ✏️BLOG: www.ADOFitness.Net 👇🏼Click


We took Eastan to see uncle @dhilsenroth at the fire station today! ❤️😌 Swipe to see him driving the truck by himself! 😂 ( pants from @briabellaboutique )

#TransformationTuesday 💗 10 lunar months in 👉🏼 6 months out.

Its been another rough past week with my husband traveling and being home alone, working with the a baby and trying to get my workouts in.
I took a mini hiatus from social media the last few days ( I think this is needed from time to time) but am back at it today and determined to get in a workout. I once again turned to my band system at home but this time to hit lower body & glutes 💪🏼
I had mentioned putting a program in place for others who struggle with time to get to the gym and it seemed like a lot of you were interested so I am happy to say that program is in the works! -
So here is what I am demonstrating with my resistance bands in this video:
•Kneeling donkey kicks •Standing Glute Kick Backs •Resistance Mountain Climbers •Standing Abduction leg raises
#resistancebands #Athomeworkout #mom #fitmom #momsofig #dymatize #teamdymatize @dymatize @teamdymatize

I just love these #BTS images of @eastanalexander 💙 His 29 week update and more photos are over on his page! @eastanalexander @eastanalexander @eastanalexander ( Denim dungarees from @freddywear )

We're missing Dada right now but we know he's over at @bodybuildingcom for a good cause! Eastan cannot wait for daddy to come home so he can pull his hair, kick him in the face, and be the BIGGEST! 😂💚 @brandanfokken

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS @TRISTALILLIAN AND MY BIG BRO @NEXTPROTEGE ‼️**Swipe for a trip down memory lane with these two 😌❤️Love you both so much! I cannot wait to see you next month! I wouldn't be where I am in my life without the two of you!!! Trista was there for me at one of the hardest and lowest points in my life and my brother is the one who inspired me to even pursuit fitness to begin with! 🙏🏻 I am so grateful for these two beautiful souls ❤️❤️❤️❤️

This week the @ado_fitness trainers will be addressing the dangers of having a diet too high in #protein for body composition. Coach @suzq_fit explains a few short term and long term effects of excessive protein intake. Most people want to know what amount of protein they should be consuming to max out their anabolic response aka how much their body can use before it gets stored as fat. Yes believe it or not carbs aren’t the only thing that can be stored as fat! Why is that you ask? Because there is a difference between protein absorption and protein utilization just like with any macro. Absorption is NOT the same thing as utilization and this is the key to understanding why protein can be helpful versus harmful to your body. You can ABSORB almost all the protein you eat but that doesn’t mean your body is UTILIZING all the protein you are consuming. Your body utilizes a specific amount of protein based on age, gender, body composition, activity level, and overall health. Anything beyond what your body can UTILIZE (not absorb) is excessive and can have negative health implications. Diets too high in protein can lead to an increased workload on your liver and kidneys. Your liver is a filtration powerhouse (along with kidneys) of all the toxins that enter your body and because proteins are amino acids and amino acids have a nitrogen group on them, when your liver breaks them down you are left with the byproducts ammonia and urea. Ammonia and urea are harmful to the body when they build up in the blood stream so your body asks your kidneys to scrub your blood of these toxic byproducts that your liver created. When you consume more protein than your body can use removing these byproducts not only leaves your kidneys working overtime to rid the body of them but also your bladder because this is how the toxins physically leave the system (this is why people in liver failure have urine that smells like ammonia). You can imagine that having a diet consistently too high in protein will be incredibly taxing on your liver and kidneys and when they have decided they are tired from being overworked they decrease the rate at which they are filtering out the toxic byproducts 🔽

#BTS of @eastanalexander 6 month photoshoot today 💙 Thank you to @freddywear for the cute new denim dungarees 👌🏻 And thank you to @violetandthebear for a great experience as always. Cannot wait to see the final photos 😌💙

I am loving being tagged in everyone's transformations for the @bodybuildingcom and @dymatize #StillInIt Challenge that @brandanfokken and I wrote. This is @grilledpeachesfit - a mother of 2 and at 45 years old she absolutely KILLED our 8 week challenge 😱!! Seriously there are so many amazing transformations I cannot wait to see who wins the 20k!! 💪🏼
#Repost @grilledpeachesfit
What an amazing 8 weeks! I never thought at 45 and after 2 kiddos,I would be in a #bodybuilding challenge! 😊Thank you @bodybuildingcom and @dymatize for this opportunity! #stillinit17 has been life changing I am in the best shape of my entire life and I feel amazing!! Congratulations to everyone in this contest! I am so #inspired by those I connected with along the way @mishkadawn @brandanfokken @brookeericksonfitness @trainermike1 @getrepost #weightlifting #crossfit #running #trx #roguefitness @teamdymatize #stillinit #cardio #fitnessaddict #gethealthy #healthylife #goals #youcandoit #noexcuses #getstrong #weights #stillinitchallenge

Eastan decided to get up at 6am today - lucky me! I dont have any motivational words for y’all today…. I could have googled a quote or posted something like “Exhausted but pushing through” but the truth is I am just tired and who knows if I will work out or not today…. and thats okay. Thats life. There is always tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up over the small stuff. Focus on what you can control… like what goes into your mouth and your water intake. But don't forget the importance of sleep and REST.
#Dymatize #TeamDymatize @dymatize @teamdymatize @bodybuildingcom #bodybuildingcom

#TransformationTuesday shoutout to @ado_fitness client @sula_west ❤️ **Swipe**
@sula_west just competed in a bikini competition in Canada, taking home 4th place 🏆💪🏼
The photos on the left were at different points at the beginning of her time working with me with while the photo on the right was her check in prior to show a week ago. **AND BEFORE ANYONE COMMENTS SOMETHING IGNORANT ABOUT "WHERE DID HER TATOO GO"- the photo on the left is a selfie, the photo on the right was taken of her. Hence they're different sides of her body.
I absolutely loved her words from her first check in POST show... "Damn I feel amazing!!!!!!!! Not going to lie it was a struggle until Wednesday. I was over on macros Tuesday and until Wednesday I felt tired af and very very unmotivated!!! But I had a little pep talk cooked some yummy nutritious food and felt like a rock star. I do need to find another goal bc I am def a goal driven person and a comp a year away while motivating isn't quite doing it so I need some little ones along the way! Soo I'm super sore from my lifts today and I'm on my monthly so I thought the weight would be higher but I was 120.7 this morning! Holy hell!!! I'm not one to pass judgement but all these girls were posting loosing 10 -15 lbs the week of peak week and the week after gaining like 8..... gosh girl I'm so thankful for your approach and how amazing I feel!"
💕" An open minded diet philosophy that creates sustainability for the individual" -ADOFitness 💕

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