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Will you post a selfie for me?
I'm joining my friend @gilesduley in the @citizensofhumanity #WeAreAllHumanity campaign, to help refugee women in the Congo.

Post a self-portrait to Instagram with the HUMANITY logo filter and #WeAreAllHumanity tag. For every portrait posted, @citizensofhumanity will donate $10 to @usaforunhcr, helping refugees survive, rebuild, & recover.
To make yours, go here:

10 years has worn this immortal vessel out. (It’s not the years; it’s the mileage.)

There's nothing quite like a sweaty run down memory lane. bit.ly/TheBadIdeaTour

I'm conducting a scientific experiment to conclusively prove the existence of the Butterfly Effect... Will the event you see here eventually lead to the extinction of mankind?

At the 10-mile mark of a run, I tend to get a little chatty (and disgustingly sweaty). http://bit.ly/TheBadIdeaTour
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Be honest: Do I seem a little clingy to you? shop.gish.com

Congratulations, @mollykellynhgov!

It was an honor to stand by your side (and try to steal your limelight) yesterday.
New Hampshire, #VOTE for Molly for governor on November 6... It's time to unseat Trump’s man, @chrissununu!

Good morning! I'm on the coast of Maine. Since @sensusancollins doesn't want to listen to citizens of Maine, as a fellow "Collins*” I'm stepping up to the plate. I'm headed to her Portland office at noon to meet with her constituents myself. Join me! #StopKavanaugh *no relation

The citizens of Keene, NH were all warm & welcoming (and, not to make you all jealous, but they’re active voters, so they’re all incredibly attractive).
Thanks for hanging out with me, @mollykellynhgov & Keene. I’m at University of New Hampshire now… Come hang out with me at the MUB Circle!
...And VOTE! https://actionsprout.io/6146F5
PS: Stop yelling at me. I would NEVER text and drive.

Hey, guys!

I'm taking a road trip back home through New England to help get out the vote! I'm currently on my way to New Hampshire to show my support for @mollykellynhgov. Want to meet up?

Meet me at the Thirsty Owl on Winchester* Street in Keene at 2 PM, or at the MUB at @uofnh (in Durham) at around 5... and make sure you #VOTE TODAY for Molly Kelly! Get everyone you know to vote for her, too!

Thanks guys. See you soon!

Find your polling place here: http://www.vote.org

Molly's website: mollykelly.com *I don't want to say that this has some kind of cosmic significance, but...

I'm on my way to New England to personally make sure you're all registered to vote (and to make sure those of you in NH vote for @mollykellynhgov tomorrow). Come hang out with me! #VOTE

This is how we crack eggs in my house...

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