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Across 39 states, over 1,000 posters, billboards, digital displays & Jumbotrons were hung to help get people to the polls in the @gish #GISHOutTheVote challenge! (It’s almost like I’m trying to tell you something... ) #VOTE

What I lack in diverse messaging, I make up for in sheer persistence. #VOTE

Find your polling place: vote.org

Tomorrow is Election Day, guys! A handful of ballots could make or break the future of our country, so it’s critical that YOU vote!

Make your voting plan today. Here’s a good place to get started: headcount.org/your-ballot

Get in on this, too: https://www.gish.com/challenge-gish-out-the-vote/

New Hampshire!

My dear friend @mollykellynhgov is in a dead heat race to become your new governor! She’s a great person & incredible candidate, so please get everyone out to the polls to VOTE FOR MOLLY tomorrow!
I don’t know if I can take this suspense… mollykelly.com

Minnesota is under attack! I just encountered this harrowing scene of violent robots & rampant consumerism. (PS: Thanks for the good time, #spnminn!)

Two years ago at Asylum UK, someone won this and something else at an auction. The winning bidder never got their reward. Tell me what the other item was to claim this please, and I’ll get it sent to you.

This is a Jumbotron at a stadium in Iowa. I don’t know how it happened, but I love it.
Get in on this: https://www.gish.com/challenge-gish-out-the-vote/

In an effort to make sure EVERY citizen gets to the polls on Tuesday, I’ve sent my @gish army of good out to engage in a peer pressure incursion. So far, they’ve spread the word in 22 states!
Consider this your draft notice: https://www.gish.com/challenge-gish-out-the-vote/

@jaredpadalecki, @jensenackles, & I want YOU to vote this Tuesday! (We've hidden a subtle subliminal message to all Texan voters in this image. See if you can spot it.) betofortexas.com/vote #betofortexas @betoorourke

A true Halloween story. #happyhalloween🎃

Like most children their age, my kids & their friends like nothing better than a laborious weekend spent chopping & stacking firewood. (Next week, I'll teach them to use the chainsaw.)

I’m turning my #GISH army of good into a band of real-life, old-school spammers to help get out the vote: https://www.gish.com/challenge-gish-out-the-vote/


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