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Michelle Lee Hamelin  me👆 I wrote & ink'd on me👉lyrics of my soul will forever come from songs that beat within my heart and you my love are my favorite song My pics👇

My favourite times of the year!!! #thunderstorms #lightning #thunder #heaveninalberta 😉⛈

Bisexuality exists. This is not a ridiculous trend, for me, and am offended by those who are 'trending' it.

It's actually hard. My own 'friends' have literally said to me "why!? You're so beautiful you can have any guy you want". Do you know how (not only) shallow that is, but just how insulting it is to me as a person?

And it's scary. I am not afraid to tell people who I am. I'm not afraid to confront my pathetic 'friends' who think I must be straight because I'm 'dating a man again'. I'm not afraid to tell my family members that are ashamed and want me to make sure I 'keep it off Facebook'. No, my fears are a lot deeper than that. When you're having those commitment jitters and thinking to yourself - is this the person I really want to be with for the rest of my life...? - I'm having those same thoughts, but now multiplied. It scares the hell out of me that I don't know if I am absolutely sure if I want to be with not just that one person, but which sex!? And it's also wonderful. I have fallen in love with women. I have fallen in love with men. I am very much, finally, in love with myself and how far I have come. That is BECAUSE of other men and women like myself...not those who were supposed to be there for support, like friends or family...whaaat that's just absurd. 😒

I am equally attracted to both men and women. It's not a game, this is nothing new. It doesn't mean I'm attracted to my female friends. I'm not doing it to impress the males. I am not confused, in fact, I can tell you when I knew, what school in which city I was in, who my teachers were, which student(s) I experienced with -- but I don't need to. I don't need to validate my sexuality to YOU.
YOU need to accept who I am, I've already accepted it.
Keep your biphobic bullshit, out of my life. Thank you.
#fuckthebiphobics #bisexual #proud #lgbt #sexuality #iambisexual #ownit #acceptmeforme

Bentleys new cousin shares his birthday & great grandmas!! ❤️ sweetest little babe.

#superhero birthday party
Bentley turns FOUR!

Me & My Love #mothersday

Brotha from anotha motha!! #nofilterneeded #nofucksgiven

Bentley playing with penguins 🐧 #calgaryzoo #penguinplunge

#calgaryzoo happy early Bentley from g-ma and g-pa!

#bluejays ⚾️

#muddypuddles puddle jumping with small fry! #sundayfunday

No clue what he shot but I'm sure it was great

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