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MISFIT COFFEE  SHOP NOW OPEN! 2401 Lyndale Ave. Minneapolis, MN. • Truck roaming the streets. • misfits causing trouble

Today’s the big day! We sent @h_harpoon off to venture into the coffee fields of El Salvador 🇸🇻 with our good friends @cafeimports & @ohmarvelous - He will get to meet with farmers we currently work with, as well as new farmers that I am sure we will have the pleasure to work with in the future. Furthermore, we will be taking advantage of their first ever auction, tasting & bidding on coffees to carry at our locations in town. We can’t wait to share more with you once Hayden returns with cool photo / video and coffee content.

Sunday afternoon coffee cupping, right?

Spring has arrived, it’s a Saturday and the dope doppio daddy-o is here to stay. Crafted for days like today. 🍹🌴
S.O. Ethiopia Espresso // sweet grapefruit // burnt honey // masala orgeat // Jamaica #2 bitter // almond extract - SHAKEN ON ICE + STRAINED - meant to be tossed back or sipped.

📸: @elbel16
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Just like the season, this mid-winter menu will soon be replaced with a new spring menu. If you have been meaning to try something, do it soon. Fan favorites: 1. date night, 2. savory soup broth, 3. dope doppio daddy-o
Menu design: @normally_normal
Drink creations @h_harpoon
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Thirsty Thursday **applies to coffee also**
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All this sunshine has us itching to get the wheels turning again on the big black box!
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Whip cream makes Monday’s better.
- this is our gingerbread hot tub : gingerbread syrup, banana whip cream, pop rocks on top.

Hanging out at the coolest little shop around @acegeneralstore in Excelsior. They are serving free Misfit Coffee + add your own little bit of Irish if you would like (🥃) & top it with a banana dark chocolate sea salt whip cream.
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It’s like sunshine in a cup on such a gloomy day. ☕️ 📸: @cookie.mon_ster

W.A.M WEDNESDAY! Join us for a drink today at the @weismanartmuseum. Open 10-4pm.

Speaking of @bittercube , and thinking of this gloomy wet weather @lawlessdistilling “beach club” menu will make you forget about it all. 🤤
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