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Erin Dugan  Songwriter, Singer, Photographer, Dreamer. Love yourself. Treat People with Kindness. “You can’t set the world on fire if you don’t have any gas.”

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow”. What a year. Hope everyone has a wonderful new year and if you didn’t have a great one that this one will be amazing. #newyear #harrystyles #niallhoran #fleetwoodmac #friends #france🇫🇷

“You’re like an Indian summer in the middle of winter.” #tbt to seeing the Queen @katyperry

Had an awesome time watching @ezi open for @maxhellskitchen too!

Had so much fun seeing @ninanesbitt open for @maxhellskitchen

“Can I stop the flow of time, can I swim in your devine?” Can’t wait for the show to start. It was so fun to hang out with @maxhellskitchen Smash it out there lad.

#50yearsoffleetwoodmac on Wednesday. So glad Tulsa was the first tour location.

“Je trouve l’amour, pour moi.” No caption needed but I love this language if you didn’t already know. #francophile

I know I’ve been teasing at releasing music but I’m really trying. I didn’t realize how hard it was but I am aiming for having something out at the end of the year.

“Darling don’t you ever grow up.” Loved taking my #seniorportraits with @shannon_surratt_photography

“All you need is love” we can all use a little cheese. Photo creds to @shannon_surratt_photography

“You didn’t even notice, its not raining anymore.” It’s been a rough week. Spreading love and positivity to all those who need it. Photo creds @maya.clug

“I lead a selfish life cuz it’s what I need.” I miss summer already. I feel like I won’t have any energy to get anything done.

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