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Miserable Men™️  Men that went shopping. It's a global epidemic. miserablemenpics@gmail.com

Pops said, “Yeah kid, just act cool, this is what we do. Get used to it.” #miserablemen #mothersday

It’s Mother’s Day! If you have kids, I suppose this is one of those days you just gotta sit down on some manure and zip it. Let her shop ‘til she drops. #miserablemen #mothersday

Husband Day Care or Miserable Men Island? #miserablemen #castaway

Al Bundy is posted up in the Macy’s #miserablemen lounge. It’s nice the stores are finally recognizing us as a major part of the shopping experience. But let’s step it up a notch and get some tv’s in our area.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Psyched to see Nelly is wearing his band-aid again.

He dead.

I wasn’t into Star Trek so I don’t know if @georgehtakei is the one that said it but... I suppose “Beam me up Braaaaad” is appropriate here. “Oh myyyy.”

... and it’s looking pretty, pretty, pretty miserable. #miserablemen

Weekend Vibes!!!

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