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•Blog post 82• This time last year I was one broken girl, after being through the toughest year of my life I was absolutely drained. My heart was in a million pieces and I didn’t see how things could ever get better. A year later, I’ve taken all those little pieces and put them back together in such a way that they will never be broken again. Time heals everything, and combined with family, friends and most importantly faith, the journey back to life isn’t half as bad 🤷‍♀️❤️

•Blog post 81•SINGLE 26/1/2018 26/1/18 ❤️ A whole year of being in a selfish relationship with myself 🙈 A year of growth, love, learning and Jager 🙏 I am the happiest single on the planet 🌎 being single doesn’t mean you aren’t loved, it means you love yourself so much you won’t settle for anything less then perfect❤️ I am so so grateful 🙌🏼 #Blog

•Blog post 80• A love that breaks my heart everyday in the most amazing way🐶• I feel so lucky.
I feel so lucky I get to wake up every morning to a kiss and a snuggle.
I feel so lucky I get to press snooze and climb under the blankets for “10’more minutes” with the warmest little man ever.
I feel so lucky when I open the balcony door and he’s still looking to get up my leg because let’s face it, it’s cold outside.
I feel so lucky saying goodbye every morning, hiding your treats and tucking you in on the sofa.
I feel so lucky coming home, seeing the excitement on your face as I come in and kiss the face off you.
I feel so lucky to eat dinner and have you pester me for a bite.
I feel so lucky to sing songs and have you lie beside me and stare at me like I’m the simplest form of happiness you see.
I feel so lucky to stick you in the bath and have you shake your head when it’s time to get out.
I feel so lucky to get into bed every night with you and your 16 Teddy’s.
I feel so lucky to tuck you all in, read you stories and tell you I love you more then words could explain.
I feel so lucky to be your Mamma @mister_hugo_roy.
I feel so lucky you saved me ❤️

Didn’t want to not post today 🙊 so I made this 🙈 my music will tell you more about me then I ever will🎵 at the moment I would honestly rather my texts to be gone through then for my songs to be read🙈

•Blog post 79• Day 1 fail•
I know, I know I failed miserably but who starts things on a Monday anyway?😂 So the product I choose to review today is possibly one of my favorites of 2017. This is the Morphé 350m pallet. I had never tried any of the morphe products but had heard so much from YouTube about them, I ordered this and was so not disappointed. First of the colours are amazing.😭 I love them, this pallet is all matte which I absolutely love, although there are a lot of similar colours, there’s a wide range of burnt colours which I think make this pallet. The colour pay of is fabulous and for the price (Between €20-€30) this is an amazing pallet. You can buy morphe products from beauty bay and also cloud 10 ☺️ definitely my go-to pallet for late 2017❤️ #irish #irishblogger #blog #blogger

•Blog post 79• Happy Sunday 🤳🏻• Happy Sunday everyone, I’ve had a horrible week last week. Just so many bumps in the road and set backs and if I’m honest it was kinda getting me down, so this week I am going to try keep myself busy! One way I’m gonna do that is by posting on here once a day! 🤔 I know what your thinking “yeah right” 😂 but I am 🙈 this week will be a mix of reviews and personal pieces❤️ Stay tuned for a week full of everything Clara 😏 #blog #blogger #irishblogger #irish

•Blog Post 78• An update, uncut• I know it’s been a while since I gave a little update about myself, anyone who has me on Snapchat will know my life is pretty simple but I wanted to just fill in some gaps as it has been awhile. My update I suppose is that absolutely nothing has changed, I’m still crazy about my @mister_hugo_roy, I’m still absolutely delighted to be single and I am just enjoying my life. I’m not working but I am still playing roulette and have recently started buying some small stocks. I’ve also been treating myself no end, getting my hair, nails and lashes done every few weeks because let’s face it, if you don’t treat yourself who will? 👀 trying my best to post a little more lately but I have some reviews ready to go up 🙈❤️ #blogpost #blogger #blog #dublin #irishblogger #Me_myself_and_I

•Blog post 77• A lash combination that makes me feel like Kylie Jenner🤦🏼‍♀️• For a long time I used to just stick the sultry strip lashes from Penney’s on after doing my makeup, I used to go and buy packets of them and just shove them in my makeup box. I never really taught of changing them, the glue worked well and the lashes were exactly what I was looking for and because they were so cheap I didn’t need to re-use them! While shopping for the good owl reliable “sultrys” I came across these in Penney’s, and I can honestly say I’ll never go back 😍 I also heard lots of people hype about the DUO glue so I got that too and the two mixed together is a real game changer. For day time I would recommend the “Wispies” and for night I would recommend combining both the “wispies” and adding some extra from both the lash packs in the picture. They’re all only €1.50 and can 100% be reused. 😍 definitely a favorite for when I’ve no lashes on 🙈❤️ #blog #blogger #makeup #lashes #love

•Blog post 76• it’s been that long since I wrote I feel like I should introduce myself! 👀 it’s me, Clara! Back with another emotion-ful post! So this came up on my memories today and it couldn’t have come at a better time! ( s t r e s s f u l W e e k ) Anyway I wanted to write about it because I feel like it’s important, and a message that could be used in absolutely everyone’s life! 2 years ago I learned one of the most important life lessons and it has totally changed me as a person. I will never forget those words “the energy used to hate someone can be used for the greater good clar”.❤️ if you take one thing from this, let it be that being mad at someone isn’t going to help anyone and your energy is worth so much more then your tears 🙈 as always you can find me on @clara_loves_melon or on my Snapchat; claraluvzcuddle

•Blog post 75• Cut A Bitch•🔪🔪🔪 Again it's been 14862 years since I wrote a post but whatever I'm a busy bitch... today I was strolling around penny's #primark and found the #ps jumbo eyeliner... oh my god, it is amazing and so like the soap and glory one! This was €2 and took about 10 seconds to create the perfect wing. If your on a budget or just want to buy en extra pitcher in the living room at the weekend I definitely recommend trying this! 5 stars 👌🏼⭐️ #blog #love #primark #penneys

•Blog Post 74•Hand-Rearing Hugo-Roy💘• I'd be lying if I said it was easy, if I said that we sleep all night every night. I'd be lying if I said we don't get cross with each other and have little accidents. I'd be lying if I said that the responsibility of this little guy wasn't the most overwhelming feeling in the world but I'd also be lying if I said I didn't love him more than anything.

Puppies are hard work, hand- reared puppies are 100 times harder. Not only do you have to toilet train your pup but you also have to show them how to eat like a dog, drink like a dog and play like a dog. From a child we learn and pick up everything from our parents, fears, dreams and even hobbies.
Hugo has picked up everything from us and truly believes he's a person😂 his love for McDonald's chicken nuggets is from me and the way he stands on the balcony looking out is from his nanny🙈 that being said trying to keep Hugo As a dog and not a human is and has been the hardest task of all.
I wouldn't change my little man for the world, I truly believe that people alway come into your life at the right time and Hugo definitely did for me 🙈 my biggest responsibility but also my biggest achievement ❤️ #handreared #handrearing #pup #puppies #dog #pupsofinsta #puppiesofinsta #dogsofinsta #puppiesofinstagram #pupsofinstagram #dogsofinsta #pupsofig #puppiesofig #dogsofig #pupsagram #dogstagram #humandogs #mybaby

•Blog post 73•Too many posts today! - The best advice ever•I was given this advice a couple of months ago and I can honestly say it changed me. I went on dates by myself, I had me time, I treated myself to the finer things and I learned a hell of a lot more about myself. This advice was accompanied by a "you do you gurl" message, a saying which totally took over my view on not life but living👌🏽 The truth is you have to be 100% happy in yourself, by yourself and living for yourself before you can lay down and commit to someone else🙈, you do you girl because me doing me was the greatest adventure ever 😇☄️ #happiness#love#advice#nowimahappybunny

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