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COURTNEY MUNSON 📷  Influencer & True story teller based on my Wildheart. Always on the pursuit of love + laughter. Home is on the Sunshine Coast, BC.


It must be Wednesday//🍍⠀ #wildheartadventures

Summer time & the livin' is easy//🍍⠀


A smile is the most beautiful thing you could ever wear.//🍍⠀

Appreciate the moments. ⠀
Acknowledge the hard times. ⠀
Communicate. ⠀
Don't take what you have in front of you for granted. ⠀
& keep on smiling, even when it's hard. ⠀

Xo ⠀


Real is rare.//🍍⠀

& if there's one thing I'll teach this beautiful girl of mine it is to never stop being herself. ⠀

Never stop believing and trusting. ⠀
Never stop laughing and loving. ⠀
To not always believe in stories she tells herself because each chapter we create it is not to be rewritten. It is not to be planned - it is to unfold as it will. ⠀

That good things will flow to her as long as she keeps her heart open. ⠀

& Patience...patience is a virtue & ⠀
time is your friend. ⠀

Big love, ⠀


A little slice of paradise//🍍⠀
I feel pretty lucky to call such a beautiful place, my home. ⠀


Happy Friday babies!!!//🍍⠀


" To choose just because something mouthwatering stands before you will never satisfy the hunger of soul-self. ⠀
And that is what intuition is for; it is the direct messenger of the soul. " - Clarissa Estés//🍍⠀


...happiness don't drag its feet⠀
& time moves faster than you think//🍍⠀

SO buck up and start living the life you wanna live.⠀
Put those daydreams into motion.⠀


Never stop believing in the wild possibility that is you and your impact.//🍍⠀

Live in purpose.⠀
On purpose.⠀
- @iamhertribe


She’s different.⠀
You’ve never tasted her before.//🍍⠀

She’s becoming more of herself each and every day. Gaining a confidence she’s never felt, through self awareness.⠀

She can’t help but paint day dreams with lyrics.⠀
So vidid at times, she doesn't know reality from her dreams.⠀

She’s full of contradictions, like the moon visible in the day of light, but it doesn’t stop her from being real. Because real is all she knows.⠀
There is no hiding her heart.⠀

Perhaps time has taught her that she’s not worthy of the unconditional, the amazing.⠀
That she’s hard to love.⠀

For she is worthy, just as she is.⠀
She is learning this.⠀
She measures riches in experiences and moments.⠀

Just imagine what it would be like if she let herself believe in the amazing. Why is it easier for her to think of all the things that could go wrong vs right?⠀

Its not difficult to read the words between her smiling lips, and it won’t be difficult to understand the world she sees.⠀
She doesn't know how to play games.⠀

She’s simple, but only in the way that the sea is - for although we will never truly understand the depths or currents that may lurk there, its beautiful in all its mysteries. ⠀

Her hardest obstacle is getting out of her own way.⠀



...& we're on our way home//🍍⠀
It's been a real slice Maui. ⠀
Thank you for holding me as I worked through some tough stuff. ⠀


Her courage was her crown & she wore it like a queen//🍍@therefinedwoman

Maintaining courage while feeling helpless is a tough, tough thing to do. ⠀
Alas...we remain courageous. ⠀
That's truly all she knows. ⠀


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