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COURTNEY MUNSON 📷  •👯Mama •🏋🏻‍♀️Strength + Conditioning @_valhallastrength •📸Wedding + Engagement Photographer @withawildheartcollective •📍Sunshine Coast BC


One of the biggest feelings I've learnt to love as an adult is the feeling of being uncomfortable and how beneficial it is to lean into that feeling. //🌿 One of the messages I'll be sharing with the littles in my family is this: Get good at discomfort. Avoiding discomfort is common, but a big mistake. Learning to be OK with some discomfort will change your life. Nobody should settle for comfortable.

These two //🌿 Its been such a treat having Carmen and my brother home for a few weeks.

" Everything that has a beginning has an end, so forget the past, plan for the future, and enjoy the moment. " - @achievetheimpossible //🌿 #wildheartadventures

" The thing about being single is, you should cherish it. Because in a week or a life time of being alone you may only get one moment. One moment when you're not tied up in a relationship with anyone. One moment when you stand on your own. Really truly single. " //🌿 #wildheartadventures

I'll take this anyday. //🌿 #wildheartadventures

C u r r e n t M o o d //🌿 We spend more time talking ourselves out of doing something than we do actually experiencing it. Don't let fear get in the way, you want it? Go get it. 📸: By the ever so lovely @lw.wholehearted #wildheartadventures

March First.//🌿⠀

I ask you this question. Who do you think has had the largest influence on the person you are today?⠀

My family is my biggest influencer and has helped me realize that all these timelines we hold for ourselves were man-made by people with fixed thoughts and ideas, by people with different circumstances, by people who never even saw you and people who lead different lives. THIS is what messes with us! ⠀

A few things I have to remind myself on the daily are:⠀

1. A home isn't a home because you own it or what it looks like. Its what you fill it with that matters most. Soon i'll have a yard I can have a fire pit in, that's all I really want. haha!⠀

2. I am totally worthy and have SO much to offer the right person. I can't compare myself to the women who aren't single moms. You better believe i've been told " Well if you didn't have her things would be different " -- Go f*ck yourself. K thanks. HA! Yah, this subject gets me heated.⠀

[Disclaimer: The best part about dating a single mom is that we got our shit together, we don't play games and we don't need you to complete our lives, we just wanna love and be loved back.]⠀

3. Instagram followers do not determine your success, so don't let it go to your head. " I am still successful, I am still successful, I am still successful. " -- This convo is one I have daily with myself. GAD! Check yo self. ⠀
Bringing it back to the family support, its those guys who bring me back to reality when i'm going a little stir crazy with my thoughts.⠀

Take the time to thank the people who influence you. Show your gratitude, they'll appreciate it.⠀



So, i'm a pretty selfish person when it comes to the men in my family.//🌿⠀

Growing up with three older brothers...three WAY older brothers..I always got a seat in the jeep when they were heading up the mountain, I always got to go for slushie runs, always got to snuggle up with them, always tried their girlfriends spice girl shoes on when they'd come over to the house and always had shotty on the dirt bikes.⠀

Things inevitably changed when they started to grow their families and had to "grow up" . I took a backseat to all the adventures, I wasn't old enough or I just didn't fit in anymore. ⠀

Three things that come to mind with each man in my life are:⠀

1. Clay's waterbed that I could NEVER get off of and I wasn't allowed on, so you could imagine the panic that set in as I was being caught in his bedroom!! ⠀

2. Cody coming home from work, cooking plain pasta ( usually bows) and then smothering it in oyster sauce and eating it straight out of the pot ( I thought he was so cool..still do ) + then we'd take our dog Cuda out for a run up the mountain. I'd always be SO nervous but knew I was in good hands.⠀

3. Curtis use to pay me to scratch his HAIRY legs. I didn't care what I was doing, I was just happy to be spending time with my brother.⠀

4. Brandon..well I changed your diapers, carried you around everywhere and just loved you to bits and still do.⠀

We're all learning from each other. Brandon being 21, myself being 28 and curtis being 38 -- we all have something to offer one another, all navigating this world of digital love, first world problems, single parenting and growing up.⠀

Heres to being selfish with the men in your life, i'm back in the FRONT SEAT baby! ⠀



It doesn't get much better than this. //🌿 #wildheartadventures

The sky is the limit babies✌🏼//🌿 Happy Thursday !

Its time to get real ya'll . //🌿⠀

I'll go first. I'm Courtney - I'm an amazing single mom, relationship free for almost a year which has been wonderful and also lonely, successful entrepreneur, a lover of the outdoors, family + lifting the weights.⠀

You're probably wondering why is she introducing herself...and why is she half naked in her photo?⠀

Well i'll tell ya why..I'm here to celebrate my bod today.⠀
These thighs and booty can squat and deadlift and run and carry me through tough workouts and these arms can get me up off the floor when we’re doing awful burpees and pull-ups and i’m sooooo forever grateful that my body can do all of that for me. ⠀

I want you all to realize that what you see online isn't always real. Even some of my photos, i've twisted and turned and held my breath to get that " tight, toned shot" because it makes me feel good...I'm human, it happens.*shakes head* Some days I wake up tight and toned and others, I don't .⠀

This is not a iPhone photo with filters on it, its a real capture of me. Nobody was posing me, nobody was telling me to twist and turn...Its just me running from my tripod to my bed with 15 seconds to spare. ⠀

I've always been known as the voluptuous girl, the girl who could shed a few...also the girl who lifts the most weight and the girl who does both the man and the woman jobs in her household and HELL yah for that.⠀

We are more than just our body image guys and gals. We are SO much more. ⠀

I dare you to get real,⠀
Xx Courtney

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