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🇵🇭 Jewel Mische💍Kurzer 🇺🇸  The secret is #Chrisϯ in me ♡

Girl, are you in love.. or in stupidity??🤦‍♀️ #throwbackthursday 🎥 ✌🏼😊

#TB to our trip to ✨Germany!✨We are currently planning for our next vacation and I'm super excited!😍💞 Someday I hope to share with you some tips on how we do "five star traveling on a one star budget"!😉 But here's what we think is the ultimate key: PLAN AHEAD.😊 #cantwait

When you know God walks with you, you don't have to worry or fear about your life or its direction. You stop caring about silly things. You learn that JESUS IS your plan A to Z. You understand that there's no need to be lukewarm. You confidently keep walking forward and you never quit. You focus on what He's telling you to do and then you look up and literally watch HIM take CARE of the rest!✨❤️❤️✨#noworries ✨✨❤️ Psalm 146:3-5 "Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there. When they breathe their last, they return to the earth, and all their plans die with them. But joyful are those who have the God of Israel as their helper, whose hope is in the Lord their God."✨

It has been about a month since I lost my bird. This photo only reminds me of his beauty & colorful personality. Remember when I asked your opinion on what pet to get? It was just shortly after that when I decided to get him. I chose a baby bird because for one, I had a parrot growing up - a talking one, he passed away for an unknown reason and I have always wanted another bird since then. And since we have moved to our "forever home" and we have had a beautiful cage ready, I decided it was time. A bird pet was also the best choice for me because of my hectic schedule nowadays, and because of the Winter season coming up too (won't have to take him outside). 'Twas the best decision. Gosh I loved the bird. He was only 3 months old when we got him.. had him for just a little while but we formed a special bond in such a short period of time. He started giving me kisses & cuddles on day 1. By day 2 I took him outside with me and he won't fly away. He rode with me wherever I went, took him everywhere I went and he just stayed on my shoulder. You can only imagine how amused people were that saw him. I even got away with bringing him into the grocery store because he just charmed everybody! Whenever I got home I let him out of his cage I would lay on the couch & he would lay on my chest ON HIS BACK and played or ate his snack. His first word was "up up", haha! And I believe I heard him try say "I love you" 3 times (he was just learning how to speak). -When it was bed time for him, we tell him good night and he would fit his beak in between the cage bars & gave us a "good night kiss". He let us sleep all night too & wont make any sound until he heard us get out of bed. He was just the sweetest & smartest bird!! Did I mention he was potty trained too? He won't even poop in his cage! Oh I can go on and on. He was just perfect.. and I miss him terribly...💔– I don't think I'll ever get another type of pet until I find another bird...just like him.😔 I regret not taking videos & more photos of him, but I am attaching a few that I have on this post (swipe left). I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to share him to all of you.. he was gone too soon and I miss him like crazy.😭

Perfect Fall day for a pop of color & a cup of hot 🍎cider!☕️ And long nails💅 means I'm done from tending & nurturing the earth...for now!😄 – I'm done gardening & working for the season.😉(Yes, I have a job. I work for a greenhouse & landscaping company 🌱🌺) ☺️ #Autumn🍁

You are the apple of God’s eye. (That’s not from a Hallmark greeting card, that’s in the Bible…) Dt 32:10 Ps 17:8 😊 #cto📷

Total opposites. Totally perfect for each other. ☺️💕(Me: Why you lookin at me like that babe..I'm pertty??👒Him: Are you that cold??)😅😂#datenight @kurzeralex

God's grace causes joy and laughter to well up inside my spirit and pour out rivers of life. I've never smiled so much in one week. Where is this coming from?? Heaven is the only reasonable source!😉☺️

I cry. What used to look like my old desktop wallpaper.. now the roads I drive by..❤️

Trust in the Lord, not your rིaིgིiིnིgི eིmིoིtིiིoིnིsི!😊❤️ | #Fall #WaterFALL 💦🍃🍂

That moment you giggled because you prayed for a sexy, rugged husband. I said, "Lord, it's not a priority but feel free to throw that in" and then (just when I least expected it) He was like bam.💥 HAPPY BIRTHDAY @kurzeralex 😍💋😘😫😋😘 #RAWR #superhubs #icanhaveallthembabies 😜💘

Wouldn't it be awesome if every time we pray while we were still praying we got the answer? – your body got healed, your money showed up, etc. It would be wonderful. You know if every time we pray while we we're still praying we can physically see the answer of the things we're paying for most of us will be okay. The problem is that when you pray for something and then you don't see anything different (you still feel the same.. all of the natural circumstances are still the same) - most people cave the moment they can't see what they have prayed for and they think that God did nothing. What most people don't understand is that there's not only this physical world that you can see, there's also a spiritual world. There are spiritual beings reading this right now. You're a spirit being that lives in a body that has a soul. There's a spiritual you and there's a spiritual world out there. – Every time you pray, if you ask according to God's will, you RECEIVE. But #God is a spirit, John 4:24. And God moves in the spirit world. God has NEVER failed to answer a single person's prayer but it comes through your spirit and then whether it comes out of your spiritual body into the physical realm is not dependent whether God gave it or not, it's dependent on whether or not YOU can believe and transform it into physical, tangible reality.. no matter how long it takes. That is why Mark 11:24 says when you pray, BELIEVE. It says that you have to believe that you received WHEN you #pray – not when you see it. Hebrews 11:1 "#faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - It doesn't say it's the evidence of things that don't exist. They do exist. They are spiritual reality. God has already done everything in your spirit.. you've already got healing, anointing, power, wisdom, success, the mind of Christ... you've got all these things. But you've got to have a RECEIVER that changes it into something tangible.💡#Keytoansweredprayers #part3 👉🏼 (coming up #onPrayer -Why some prayers are answered quickly & some takes forever? Most often than not God is NOT the variable.) #JewelLearnings ❤️

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