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“Getting to watch my wife do her stretches today was a treat! This is what I miss while I’m working.🙃 Just another reason to want to stay home all week! Thank you for taking care of your tent hunnie, looking pretty good at 6.5 months!😮 Won’t be long and our lil baby 👶 will be crawling around with you!!!😘
#ilovemywife!" Raaaaawrr @kurzeralex 😘☺️❤️

Are you waiting on God, or is God waiting on you? I want to share something that just revolutionized my life. —God can do anything but did you know He has already done everything? We don’t need to live in a constant state of trying to get God to do something. We don’t need to beg God to move through our needs. We don’t need to struggle so much for an answer when the truth is GOD’S ALREADY DONE HIS PART. 2Peter 1:3 says, “According as His divine power hath given unto us ALL THINGS that pertain unto LIFE & GODLINESS, through the KNOWLEDGE OF HIM that hath called us to glory & virtue.” The only thing we are lacking is knowledge. What we need to do instead of asking God to do something for us - is to ACCEPT what He has already done for us. God has left us promises in HIS WORD & those promises belong to us right now! Of course, there could be many reasons we don’t see them come to pass right away. BUT OFTEN TIMES we don’t get an answer & we wrongly assume that we’re waiting on God but really, WE JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO RECEIVE. And of course, the Lord in His great mercy looks beyond our *ignorance* & still manifest His goodness. But WE DELAY HIM when we approach Him as beggars. That’s NOT what moves Him. Besides, “your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ASK”, not beg. What do you need the Lord to do? Need healing? A job? Prosperity? Joy? Peace? Suitable partner? A child?? THE BIBLE SAYS YOU’VE ALREADY RECEIVED ALL THESE THINGS. So instead of asking just start acknowledging the good things that the Word says are in you, THEN your faith begins to be effective. You’ll start seeing these things manifest in your life. That is so much easier than begging & pleading with God! “THANK YOU FATHER FOR *insert promise*. I’M JUST GONNA KEEP PRAISING YOU UNTIL IT MANIFESTS.” — It just makes all the difference in the world when you quit trying to get God to do something & start praising Him that it’s done. And PRAISE causes our faith to abound by keeping our minds stayed on the answer instead of the problem. My life & my belief system has just EXPLODED when I understood this. I highly recommend it. We don’t need anything except our minds renewed to what we’ve already got.😊

How I found out about our pregnancy was quite the surprise..😊 It was time for my yearly check up with the doctors, the following morning I received a call, “Jewel all your results turned out just fine.. You’re negative to all the tests.. except one.” ......... Immediately I was overwhelmed with sensation.. the warmest feelings... and my face began to heat up. It was the sweetest surprise ever!!!!!!!!💞💞💞💞💞 I sat down in AWE and had a good cry. What a faithful, faithful GOD we have...!!!🙌🏼😭🙌🏼 — Since then I have been beyond amazed and grateful. My dear #dreambaby has treated me so kindly since the beginning. I have no morning sicknesses, no pain or unnecessary trouble. I don’t have any restrictions from my OB and if it weren’t for the light kicks and jabs and a (slooowllyy) growing belly, I wouldn’t even comprehend I’m pregnant, ha ha!💞☺️ Several ladies have shared with me their experiences and difficulties.. but as I try to stay fit and choose to exercise faith, I honestly experience only what I have prayed and expect for.🙏🏼😊 If some days it’s not as easy, I just remember the Lord is baby sitting me & the little one. And in times I’m tempted to be scared, I’m quick to utter “GOD TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY.” – And that settles it!!👊🏼💖😊 #JewelJourneys #TheKurzersGrow🤰🏻

So this is my little fairytale ‘castle’.🏡 Not for everyone’s taste but ever since I was young I dreamt of living in a cozy English/Tuscan cottage.. a little secluded along the river and sitting on a big bed of property for the kids and pets to run around on. My husband working in the barn and me gardening or cooking in the kitchen. #yupImthatkindofgirl ☺️— We started decorating inside the house over the Winter. The exterior and the yard is yet to be “JeweLified” this Summer.😄 Imagine English Roses, Lavender, Dahlias.. butterflies and hummingbirds... Water fountains and uplifting aroma of blossoming trees combined with lush green grass. Just.... signs of life everywhere you look. 🌿🌹🦋🌸💦🌻 Aaaaah.. A girl can dream, can’t she?✨❤️✨ #KurzerHome 🌺🏡 (take a sneak peek of our little slice of paradise in my IG story.)😊🌳

First of all, thank you for your kind words, prayer & encouragement!🧡🧡🧡 Alex & I are speechless to receive such love from all corners of the world! To mother’s who may not have such a support group, God is always near.🙏🏼 —Not too long ago I posted my personal story about having children. A few weeks before that, I had felt a strong urge to write about what I had been going through, I became frustrated as I kept “failing” to get pregnant. Until one night God spoke to me, He told me not to worry & gave me peace. So I quit as I trusted Him and rested on His promise! Towards the end of 2017 I felt compelled to share my story because I honestly felt it was time. I wasn’t able to share as soon as I had liked.... what I didn’t know then was that God was urging me to make a faith-filled, hopeful post because I was indeed about to become pregnant! By the time I managed to do so 📝 , guess what, I already was 🤰🏻!!! 🙌🏼😭 —Now in the past I have learned a great deal about “God’s timing”, it’s something I’d like to share with you on my upcoming posts. But when it comes to “answered prayers” and whether or not the timing seems “right” often depends ON US than it does God. We wait on God, when actually He is waiting on us! However in some cases, as we allow Him, God intervenes. I realize now that MY timing would have been really bad. We didn’t know we were moving to my dream house and having to endure the process of selling our former home. I was so thankful I wasn’t pregnant in the middle of all that! After almost a year, just as we were settled in to our new home, ready & free from all the tasks (among other good things), I got pregnant... that’s GOD’s timing!! Like my husband always says, be patient..God has always the bigger picture in view.😊— When “I” learned about our baby “accidentally”, I was euphoric. I can’t say it was a skyrocketing faith experience, but it was once again, an incredible witness to my Father’s faithfulness!!!😭 What I am tremendously amazed over right now is my smooth and easy pregnancy, even though I expected no less than that!!🙏🏼😉 THANK YOU again for all your love, prayers & for joining us in our Greatest Adventure!!!👫👶🏻 #TheKurzersGrow🤰🏻#24weeks 🧡🧡🧡

My timeline has been parked in Israel for a while.. 🇮🇱 Truth is I’ve been traveling in the last couple months and I’m on my final stages of my second trimester.🙈 That makes me now 6 months pregnant....... SURPRISE!!😬😄☺️ I’m back in Michigan and the hubs says I’m grounded until the tail end of July. Haha 🤣😊☺️ #currentstatus ✔️

Been the hardest secret to keep!!! #ᒪᗩTEᑭOᔕT #babyontheway #forreal 👶🏻💕

Sweet souvenir.. ☺️

I’m so thankful we get to travel this world & share Jesus. Although things are challenging at times, I wouldn’t change my portion for nothing. It just gets sweeter...and my heart is full.💕💕💕 #myGodgivenhusband💘@kurzeralex

The famous aqueducts built by Herod displaying superb ancient engineering bringing water to the entire city of Caesarea where Paul spent quite a bit of time during those 2 yrs of house imprisonment in the palace.
But I wanna talk about what occurred a little farther up the coast here in the city of Tire and Sidon. “#Jesus left Galilee and went north to the region of Tyre. (Mark 7:24). “He didn’t want anyone to know which house He was staying in, but He couldn’t keep it a secret. Right away a woman who had heard about Him came and fell at His feet. Her little girl was possessed by an evil spirit, and she begged Him to cast out the demon from her daughter. Since she was a Gentile, born in Syrian Phoenicia, Jesus told her, “First I should feed the children—my own family, the Jews. It isn’t right to take food from the children and throw it to the dogs.” She replied, “That’s true, Lord, but even the dogs under the table are allowed to eat the scraps from the children’s plates.” – “Good answer!” He said. “Now go home, for the demon has left your daughter.” — “GOOD ANSWER” Jesus said. I want you to notice something. We live in a world where Christianity has begun to think that people are healed more that are unsaved than people that are healed that are saved. That the power of God belongs more to the unsaved in great crusades than it belongs to the believers in church. That is a strange situation that we have found ourselves in modern Christianity – to come to the conclusion that the power of God belongs more to the people of the world as a sign and testimony of the greatness of God than it belongs to the people of God when GOD would call the power of God “the children’s bread”. I wanna challenge you today, if you’re a Christian this belongs to you! The POWER of God belongs to you, MIRACLES belong to you, if you need a healing today don’t think “miracles don’t happen anymore” “God doesn’t always heal” or “it’s easier to get unsaved people delivered from problems than us Christians”. NO, the easiest people to receive a miracle in the world should be those of us who are believers. The POWER OF GOD is the “children’s bread”.💡#Mark7 #pdes #COPsermon #jewellearnings 📝📌

These earrings are modeled after an ornament that was found in archeological excavations. The finding was an ancient ornament wrought in the shape of a harp. The harp is synonamous with King David, who was known in the bible as a shepherd, harpist, a fine musician and love song writer before he himself was appointed by God through the prophet Samuel.💕☺️💕

Beit She'an. This ancient mega city is very huge - at least 4 times bigger than our own Old Manila Fort Santiago. Big and imposing as it is, it is one of the places Jesus NEVER hung around in - it was a center of Paganism and sin (whorehouses in the main street, side rooms in the theater where debauchery is indulged in during intermission, etc). It is also the same city where Israel's first king Saul and his sons, after falling in battle, had their bodies hung on the walls of the city to humiliate them even after death. We saw how depraved and evil this city was despite it's external grandeur - today it is now just a place of ruins while the other cities from ancient times still stand inhabited today in Israel.📚 — Question: Why did Jesus never hung around that place if he was supposed to “minister” to the sinners? Thoughts, anyone? What wisdom does this teach us today as Christians?💡

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