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Mirya Royal  Team Leader of the Rockstar Miracles💎💫making health & fitness dreams come true💖💪🏼💦

Nutrition is part of the program! I have to fuel my body right to function at my best! #lift4 #lift4life #mealplanA #intermittentfasting #recover #refuel #drinkwaterdaily💦💦💦

Remember how good it feels to be healthy happy and fit! Remember the amazing pure awesomeness feeling of how good your body feels when you feed it right and let it rest at night and pray positive! God loves you and all the good work you do to make your health and fitness dreams come true! Happy Transformation Tuesday 😃💖💫 #rockstarmiracles #beachbodybombshells #transformationtuesday #bearockstarmiraclewithme #beachbody #makethosedreamscometrue #justdo

Well here is one ☝️ of my before pics for the new coach test group I am in with @joelfreemanfitness #lift4! There is always room for improvement! So far the most amazing transformation I had since we started (I know it is only DAY2 lol 😂), is mentally! Being able to RELAX is not easy for me! I need to transform mentally as well as physically! Believing in yourself, loving yourself, letting yourself relax, being stress free is not easy actually! Personal development is so important! So I need to relax and be nice to myself! I need to take care of myself before I take care of everything else. Sometimes I do push myself to hard! Sometimes I am really mean to myself! I got to dance and laugh 🤭 it all off! Even though I am not doing #80dayobsession right now doesn’t mean that I am not obsessed with my health and fitness anymore. In fact I am even more obsessed with my health and fitness! Stress and anxiety causes so many health issues! Sometimes it is so bad you can’t think 🤔 or do anything! I am so happy 😃 that today I was able to take care of so many things that I needed to do! How about you? Did you make some of your dreams come today??? Happy Transformation Tuesday! Believe in YOU Day! Just DO whatever it takes so there are no mistakes! We have to start sometime, so why not today? We can’t keep putting off things for tomorrow that need to get done today! Stay Positive! Pray! Be Productive! What’s your dream? Everybody’s got to have a dream!!! #transformationtuesday #rockstarmiracles #beachbodybombshells #bearockstarmiraclewithme #lift4 #lift4beforepic #transformyourlife

This chocolate recover was sooo good! Can I get a HELL YEAH?!?!?!? #firstday #lift4 #iamsore #sodrinkrecover #painnomore #miryaonfirefitness #letddothis

Super happy 😃 I got my first workout in of Beachbody’s newest workout Lift4 with @joelfreemanfitness !!! I am sore, but I am not sorry! I am happy 😆! It is such an amazing opportunity and experience being a Beachbody coach! This is my second coach test group, so I am happy to share my progress along the way!!! My arms, neck and shoulders are feeling like they need me to drink Recover right now! I need to eat my pineapples🍍!!! #coachtestgroup4lift4 #doyourbest #getthebestresults #listenlearndo #youcandoittoo #wegotthis #day1 #armsneckshoulders #lifthit #lift4 #lift4life #getworkoutdonehavefun #drinkrecover #drinkwaterdaily💦💦💦 #rockstarmiracles💫 #beachbodybombshells #bearockstarmiraclewithme

Relax, have faith, Lift4 is here! Early access for coaches start tomorrow! If you want to become a coach and do this special exclusive coach test group with my team The Rockstar Miracles, then leave your email address below! I can email you an invite to join us, but you have to be 4Real cuz we are the REAL DEAL! So you have to TRUST and BELIEVE to truly ACHIEVE!!! If you want in leave me a 💪🏼, for the win!!!! ✌🏼💖 #ifyouwantsomethingyouneverhad #youhavetodosomethingyouveneverdone #letshavefun #makingourdreamscometrue #togetherwearebetter #embracethelift #wegotthis #lift4 #lift4life #rockstarmiracles #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

I need to RELAX and EMBRACE the lift! Being in an exclusive coach test group is a Godsent opportunity! As much as I love @autumncalabrese and her programs 21 day fix extreme and 80 Day Obsession and Country Heat, God wanted me to be in this coach test group with 35,000 other Beachbody coaches! I am thankful that I finished strong at least 1 round of 80 Day Obsession all the way through, made 3 of my friends new coaches, who some of them are finishing 80 Day without me and some of them are doing Lift4 with me. So now after listening to what Joel told us, I have decided to relax and only focus on his Lift4 program for the next 8 weeks... So I am super thankful I got to be in the 80 Day Obsession Coach Test Group and at least I am still in the obsessed with Coaching private FB group with Autumn! It’s time for me to RELAX and let my body REST and listen to @joelfreemanfitness this time, so I can say goodbye 👋 to #80dayobsession and EMBRACE LIFT4!!!!!!! #thankful #relax #enjoyyourlife #lift4life #lift4 #lessismore #sunshinegirl☀️ #trusttheprocess #godsentmiracle #rockstarmiracles #joinmenow #preparefortomorrow #workhardplayhard #thankful #happyfoodprepsunday #prayuptostayup #embracethelift

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