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Suba Jagannathan  Creating educational toys and nature-inspired materials that nurture the natural curiosity of the little minds.🌺


Ready for #backtoschool ? One of the most helpful things we have done for our family is involving kids in setting up the Rhythm of the day. We used to have Velcro rhythm board but the Velcro attracted a lot of dust and the pieces got lost (or chewed on!). I have converted that to a Rhythm clock for the next #schoolyear I plan to set it up twice during the day. Once, when they get up in the morning. We will put a verse or the "theme of the day" or the "highlight of the day" in the middle (in the picture it shows we will be learning the alphabet A today). Then we plan our mornings and set up the #rhythm clock. Once a task is done, we can simply flip it. Once the morning tasks are over we can do nap/quiet time. After nap, we plan the rest of our day until going to bed. Setting up the Rhythm and involving them in setting up the Rhythm based on what they would like to do that day makes the day go much smoother and it is fun! #rhythmclock #followthechild #montessorihomeschool #waldorfhomeschool #homeschool #homeschoolers #homeschoollife #montessoriathome #homeschooling #homeschoolingmom

A simple circle puzzle... Or is it? It IS a simple circle puzzle with a lot more to it IF you want to :) For #mathlover and #naturelovers, for #artlover or #architecturelover... For the #curiouschild with a desire to explore and learn from everything... Introducing the #fibonnaci circle puzzle arranged in the #goldenratio pattern. The smallest two circles measures 1,1 and the next ones 2, 3, 5 and 8 inches following the #fibonaccisequence The #goldenspiral and #fibonaccisequence is found in nature, art, architecture, paintings and even everyday stock market. Start using the puzzle as a simple #finemotorskills development toy and when the child is ready he/she can use the circles to trace circles and create art including a lot of #sacredgeometry. #mathteacher #woodentoys #woodenpuzzle #montessoriathome #montessoritoys #teachersofinstagram #waldorftoys #mathteachersofinstagram #primaryteacher

Another gauging interest post... Last fall I got a request for wooden Tamil alphabet for a Vidya ceremony. Through word of mouth, so far I have done 4 Indian languages (Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam). Pursuing outside the Indian language realm, the latest in the line up is Korean. I will be working on Hebrew board as well. I have never listed these. The photos are from my rejects. I am hoping to do them again to take proper photos of the set to list. Before I go through that process, I thought I will check to see if there is any interest. My daughter likes the painted version, the contrast puts the focus on the letters but I have done natural too. Would this be of use? If yes, any language requests? I hand trace each letter so this will be ready in about a month. #alphabet #langaugestudy #sandpaperletters #tracingboard #multilingual #multilingualchild #tactileplay #sensorytoys

My daughter asked for a sword to fight the monsters... So she got one, those monsters are scary 🤓🤺👺 #imaginationforthewin #imaginarymonsters #pretendplay #woodentoys #waldorftoys #princess #sword #hobbitsword #playmatters

Gauging interest. #graphingboard with a dry erase surface!! Yep a #wooden #dryeraseboard It is versatile enough to have several other functions - starting on fine motor skills with removable #pegboard, mapping board, #geoboard, pattern board, #lacingboard... Starting with zero, the axis is labeled to 9. Each peg is spaces to have an inch in between. Gridlines easy to graph. Join the pegs with a rubber band for straight line shapes or flexible wires for arcs and circles... You can find the area but just counting the squares. Or make a map of a treasure and learn to navigate... One peg NW and go one peg N... Draw to your heart's content... Graph your family members age and visualize it. This can even be used for older kids with various data analysis techniques. This is a reject (aka my daughter's :) ) I already sent out the nice one without taking pictures. To list it on Etsy I have to make another one to take pictures. Before I do that I thought I will ask if there is any interest. #mathteacher #mathtoy #montessoriteachers #montessoriinspired #teachersofinstagram #graphing #mapping #charting #elementaryteacher #geometry #learningisfun #mathisfun #learningmath #playbasedlearning #playtolearn #playmatters

I have been MIA again. Health and me are not friends :) Anyway, I will be back to listing all the old stuff. First in line is a list of puzzles. Most if them should look familiar (geometric cabinet and metal insets), but can anyone guess what the top left (circles) puzzle is based off? If you need a clue, look at the second picture ☺️ Guesses? 🌻🐚 #montessoriteachers #geometriccabinet #metalinsets #mathteacher #mathtoy #artandmath #steamtoys #montessoriinspired #montessoriprimary #montessoritoys #playbasedlearning #playtolearn #naturetoys

I usually do not run sales as my profit margin is very low. But today... I don't know... I don't care about money and want to do something. I want kids to love science a little more and understand a little better. So I am going to do something I decided not to do, everything is 10% off today. Use the coupon climate10. We can all use a little more science in our lives ❤️ #climatechange #globalwarmingisreal #sciencerules #ibelieveinscience #scienceisfun #scienceworld

I have another prototype today that has been sitting a while, if anyone wants it. Nothing functional wrong with it, but I think I was too tired (happens when you work at 2 AM!) and the circles are not perfectly circle :) I also did a couple of them slightly off centered. So these are seconds quality. Please keep that in mind before you buy ❤️ Emotion tactile/sensory coins. You can just get one set to use for circle time or talk about emotions. Or get both sets to use as memory game. A good size, 2.5" each. #sensorytoys #emotionsmatter #circletime #tactileplay #specialneeds #specialneedsmom Oh forgot the price, it is $10 each + shipping (or $23 shipped for both)

Shadow play with the moon phase puzzle.

My daughter is fascinated with the Moon. While nursery rhymes, the mythical man on the Moon and other stories help her understand the Moon's cultural context, as a scientist, I want to keep the scientific wonder of the Moon alive in her without providing her with boring information. I wanted the nuances of orbits, eclipses and tides to be intuitive, easy to grasp and interesting; not "studied". So I developed this puzzle to make all the concepts intuitive through a hands-on, play oriented tool.

Also, I wanted it to be as scientifically accurate as a wooden toy possibly can.

This Moon phase puzzle grows with your child. First, like any other puzzle, it starts aiding with fine motor skills. After that it becomes unique in the way it guides the child through lunar wonder. The easily recognizable Earth and Moon that looks just like the one outside the window, keep the child connected to the real world. The child's journey starts with just observation and journaling of the different phases of the Moon. Move the Moon one place counter clockwise every day (on the outer circle, representing the Moon cycle) as the Moon travels around the earth and journal (use one of the puzzle pieces to trace) how the Moon looks like on that day. At this point, it will be obvious to the child that the Moon orbits around the earth and that the orbit is elliptical. Use a candle and shadow play to intuitively demonstrate why the Moon is the shape it is at any particular night. As the child explores the puzzle more, she/he will learn about
Phases of the Moon
Elliptical orbits
Super Moon
Micro Moon
Solar eclipse
Lunar eclipse

all by playing with this puzzle. If you want to aid in this exploration, this puzzle comes with the Moon watcher guide, explaining all the concepts and how to use the puzzle to demonstrate these concepts.

Including the outer ring, the puzzle measures 16"x13". Made of walnut and maple. Painted using non-toxic watercolors and finished using Danish oil.

The complete set includes

The Moon phase puzzle, including the Earth
Outer ring representing the Moon cycle
0.75" ball, representing the Moon
the Sun
and the Moon watcher booklet

Not a new product (or a new idea, that credit goes to #mariamontessori) but realized I never shared this on social media. Modified hundred board. When my daughter joined the Montessori children's room, we decided we will not have any formal #montessorimaterials at home. But she LOVES counting and numbers, so I modified the traditional hundred board to make it more opened for our needs. She started this board last year just practicing her fine motor skills, moved on to counting, now working on addition and subtraction. It can be used for even multiplication and division. #mathtoy #mathteacher #preschoolteacher #counting #preschoolmath #montessoriinspired #montessoritoys #montessoriteachers Both numbers engraved and plain versions are in the shop #linkinbio

(crossposting) I have this prototype discounted and ready to ship. It is discounted because of some dings on the front right bottom. I will do my best to sand it off before I ship but some might still show, doesn't affect function, only looks. $40 + shipping. Anyone want it? The toobs so are not included. It is the standard safari toobs. #humananatomy

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