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So, this arrived today.

I was busy doing stuff and things with work and life and a friend and such yesterday, therefore failing to make the obligatory #maythe4thbewithyou post; but basically every day is a #starwars holiday to me, so here you go.

80% of the shows I've seen in the last year have featured Matt Cameron on drums. #incessantmace #soundgarden

As fate would have it, over the past year and half (two years? How long was that?) I was given the opportunity to rekindle a friendship with this guy; a friendship that began twenty years ago when I spent my summers at the door of the bar hanging out with him. He heads back home today, where he belongs, to be back with his husband, and it warms my heart that this day has finally come after all the anxious waiting. I sure hope he knows how much this time spent with him meant to me, and how much I'll miss him, again. Thank you, Taggart, for your encouragement, for conversations from the heart that make the hours disappear, for introductions, and for so many other things that are included with your unconditional friendship.
Love you, buddy😘🐻

I had the pleasure of photographing the ever dreamy @codeman123 last night. Feast your eyes on what is beauty.

A+ mail day. Y'all need to get this in yer earholes asap. 😘 @mmonicamartinn @violentsmusic

And then this happened.

Garden hang time with this handsome fella. #springtime #garden #chihuahualove #chihuahuasofinstagram

Sure, I mean, why not? #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings

Fantastic lighting yesterday before the storm. #Atlanta

It's been one whole trip around the sun since I've smoked a cigarette. I still want one nearly every day, and from what I've known with my elders who've quit before me, there's the potential of that never really going away. It's not an entirely all-consuming sort of feeling, but more of a small nag rumbling around in the depths of my brain. I actually hate talking about it, because it's just makes me want one more when I begging to dwell on it, but I'd thought I'd bring it up because it emphasizes the point that when you want something badly enough (or conversely when you want to not want something), with diligence determination, and persistence many things are within our abilities to bring to fruition. Don't give up, and help each other out when you're able.

Waking up from a delightful Sunday nap with my little buddy:-)

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