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Amir Eliga  •. 6’9 • Mark: 9:23

Happy Sunday & God bless you all in the name of the Lord 💕🙏🏾.

Looking back at 23 like .....#OnToTheNextChapter - TheShow

When ask what’s my goals in life of course everyone wants to achieve the American dream be finically stable. playing basketball professionally is one of those things i can do to earn a good living but the reason why I dribble a ball is different from others I see what the game can do mentally and emotionally instead of physically I play basketball so I can be the one of the causes of the reason why human beings have peace in their hearts , I basically play for me , my family & mankind and man kind in general . Now the reason why I hoop is to achieve world peace . I realized in my life the world today is based off of negative influence and activity. I want to make positive Change, become a positive influence shift the world's focus not on the negatives that make this country and the world terrible and chaotic but the positives of why we live and strive to acquire happiness in the first place. To achieve this peace I know I have to be a celebrity or famous. Why you may ask? because people today follow their favorite celebrities and idolize them their every move literally to how they eat the way they dress, their views, & follow their beliefs because as “middle class” people in society they want to be just like them . I want to be famous like the lebron James, the drake or the Chris brown’s of this generation because they don't know how much influence they have on men including women on this planet as a whole. If you look around a lot is going on around the world in addition that its all negative concluding that we as human bypass the negative and pretend it's not there like nothing serious and threatening is happening because no one important like celebrity public figures says anything about it is absurd but if they only drag our interest else where by them doing something , tweeting something , posting anything thing on IG , beefing with other  celebrities & things that don’t matter and etc. I want to be the person the shift the world's views completely go start a positive influencing revolution with a trend, have the world walk with me and follow me on the path of being closer, achieving and finding the LORD in our lives because all he wanted was world peace

Why must I be so slept on by everyone. I’m still single and everyone I do date treats me less than I deserve so I’m highly slept on

...getting better and competing every Day

Keep pushing Be legendary...

I had plenty of baddies in my messages, FaceTime & etc but no one to intrigue me all these ig models you see or girls with 16.8k+ followers but none of them was attractive mentally or emotionally . Stimulate my mind in a different persona, be sexy without me looking at you to call you sexy , connect to my feelings and unlock emotions I never had potential of embracing and bring them to the surface, intrigue my mind in which I know you can do perfectly, intrigue my thoughts and create ideas 💡 that will move us forward in all areas of life exploring each outcome mentally, physically, spiritually, finically, and emotionally embracing the life journey as we both write our legacy. To have everything exposed and vulnerable also sensitive to the touch and not talking about just physically. That’s a different kind of naked 🤤. #MoodAll2018 (its more than just a physical attraction). Be legendary: - #TheShow

Wizard Kelly locked in ...

Please my lord Heavenly Father send me a queen with this mentality , I want someone sent by you . I just want all these girls that claim they are riders and support their man in what ever he does ? I want the angel that these niggas is so called ungrateful for please lord swing her my way so I can crown her as my angel so she can be my ying to my yang and always kept me grounded also I’ll always spoil her , love her , and cater to her every need until death due us part 😇😇😇😇 . Please send me her 🙏🏾 so my life can change forever for the better.

Feeling cozy ...#TheShow

Single and focused until I can add a physical, mental,emotional & spiritual connection until then I’m living my best life by grinding , being the best me I can be and also basketball trying to complete my life purpose . I want someone sent by God. Someone sent by the devil will make me over think, lurk , stress my self , , leave me hurt just to be in the next man face vibin like I don’t exist . No I want someone send by god someone who is going to care for my emotional needs , my mental needs , my motivation , my second mother figure , & my best friend . I want someone that has no problem reassuring me that I’m all she wants because we live in a generation where people switch up feelings every day . I hope that my next relationship will be based off god because with out him we are nothing.

Do it for the culture ...✊🏿#TheShow

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