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Amir Eliga  6’9 ⛹🏾‍♂️ #TheShow 📺

Chapel comfortable.

Mental & emotional connections are needed and developed before the bed room is even reached but this generation is raised differently . I’m more traditional I like to grow bonds that lead into creating a legacy everything else is extra .

Gaining , & training . Another day another opportunity to get better.

A store mirror that actually gets my whole body is rare 😂. .

Real life . . .listen to them @torien1 @lajuanemarshall25 😂😂

After practices and workouts this would be nice 😫

Don’t play with my boys (@spurs) down there in San Antonio . @dejountemurray not playing no games this season. #LoveTheEnergy

How can we fix it mami ? Let’s find the solution to the problem instead of talking about it. Let’s show each other where we went wrong so we won’t do it again & grow to be better for each other 💞

Been my Mood all year 🤴.

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." - Revelation 6:8

...getting better and competing every Day

I had plenty of baddies in my messages, FaceTime & etc but no one to intrigue me all these ig models you see or girls with 450+ followers & up but none of them was attractive mentally or emotionally . Stimulate my mind in a different persona, be sexy without me looking at you to call you sexy , connect to my feelings and unlock emotions I never had potential of embracing and bring them to the surface, intrigue my mind in which I know you can do perfectly, intrigue my thoughts and create ideas 💡 that will move us forward in all areas of life exploring each outcome mentally, physically, spiritually, finically, and emotionally embracing the life journey as we both write our legacy. To have everything exposed and vulnerable also sensitive to the touch and not talking about just physically. That’s a different kind of naked 🤤. #MoodAll2018 (its more than just a physical attraction). - #TheShow🥀

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