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Miriam Tribe  Printmaking and collage. 100 days of paper mosaic collages, available for purchase πŸ‘‡#papermosaicsX100 βœ‰οΈmiriam@madmim.com


If you ever think that maybe you need to skimcoat your very textured very tall walls you should slap yourself and scream PAY A PROFESSIONAL. The last few weeks have been brutal I tell you, but truth is is that I'd do it again, because my textured walls gave me the heebie jeebies and I didn't have the cash flow for that aforementioned professional. But I'm done (for now, still have to tackle the bedrooms eventually) and now I'm working on painting, which seems like a walk in the park by comparison. Even though my house is generally still in construction chaos, this week I called on the design genius of @interiorsforthepeople to make one little wall beautiful. She is a WIZ, a true magician people, and the gallery she curated from my art collection makes my heart skip a beat every time I look at it. One wall in a den of disaster, and like a dangling carrot to say HURRY UP AND FINISH PAINTING.😊#designtalk #danglingdesigncarrot #gallerywall

When I took over our guestroom earlier this year, I really felt a shift in my art and how I felt about it--there's just something to moving that can bring on these sort of light bulb moments for me. I already told ya'll that I'm dreaming of working bigger, and this top piece here keeps coming to my mind to try--can you see it?? "Getting Dark in Monument Valley" is in the shop. #linkinprofile #papermosaicsX100 #100dayproject #the100dayproject

Life updates and stuff: Sold this beauty last weekend (to my sister @crazyoldeirene, hashtag biggest fan), and I already miss it a little. But I think I miss my studio even more, it got all packed up last week too (again by my sister, hashtag Eirene saves the day). We're two weeks away from moving to our new home (a beautiful late mid century home in South Jordan with tons of character), and we're in the thick of buying/selling negotiations. It's all happening so fast! Between packing etc and keeping my kids alive, I've been dreaming of designing our new home (more on that later), buying some new furniture (a dining table! Hooray!!), and of course, new ideas for my art, hashtag as always. I'll probably be scarce around here, but the shop is open and I'm still alive! #lifeupdate #studioscenes #monoprintcollage

We rented for the first 7-8 years of our marriage, and when I used to fantasize about buying our first home, I just thought everything would be SO GREAT. When it finally happened, I kept telling everyone OMG THIS IS EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!! I have loved this home, and it's been so such a happy one for us--so sad to say goodbye to it and our amazing Springville friends. If you're curious to see our MLS listing, link in profile! And huge shout out to @purplemossarchitecture who did a freaking amazing job photographing our home! #lovemyhome #homeforsale #springvilleutah

Remember free shipping til tomorrow with code GETONMYWALL! 😊 I totally forgot to post numero 50, my favorite from this colorway, and the last yellow rose collab with @ashleythalmanphoto. So happy with this series, and so happy to be done!πŸ™Œ 50/50 #the100dayproject #100dayproject #papermosaicsX100

The mustard collection, with a couple black & white sheep. 1-50 listed in the shop!!πŸ™Œ Use code GETONMYWALL for free shipping til tomorrow at midnight! And watch stories today, I'll be featuring each color collection 🌈 41-50/100 #papermosaicsX100 #the100dayproject #100dayproject

49/100 in the last hour, 'A Corner to Myself.' Listing 1-50 tomorrow morning! πŸ˜…#papermosaicsX100 #the100dayproject #100dayproject

Could you all do me a solid and tell me about something (podcast episode, song, news story?) or someone you find happy or interesting or inspiring today? I'm feeling buried by to-do list and need a pick-me-up! #helpasisterout (Ps I love this one too!) 47/100 #papermosaicsX100 #the100dayproject #100dayproject

I got my groove back today, I've been so productive! I mean the house is a mess and I definitely won't get a decent dinner on the table, but I fixed a door and puttied holes and knicks and touched up paint and arranged a bunch of things, and I'm basically amazing. We list our house next Wednesday! (Would ya'll be interested in a house tour on stories?) 47/100 #papermosaicsX100 #the100dayproject #100dayproject

This morning you can find me chatting about my own room, the AMAZING resource that is @artistmarketco and my 100 day project over on the wonderful podcast @100.creatives! Go take a listen😊 #podcastinterview #podcast junkie #100dayproject #the100dayproject #100creatives

Squeezing in one more collage today so I can list on Wednesday. One of the yellow roses inspired collages, I love the way this one makes me feel--like a breezy summer night, also I think I just landed on a name for it #breezysummernights 46/100 #papermosaicsX100 #the100dayproject #100dayproject

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