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Miriam Tribe  Artist and creative gypsy. Textiles, surface design: print, paint, sew. Mama to 4, (including 1 #cdls πŸ’—). miriam@madmim.com βœ‰οΈ & shop coming soon!


The first chance all week I've had a moment to steal away to my studio, working on a commissioned piece that felt like a secret rendezvous. For me, trying to be an artist while full-time-moming-it feels like a straight up ridiculous thing to attempt, and more than a little self-sabotaging. But every now and then it somehow works out and I think, I can do this maybe. Definitely starting to dream of a room all to myself that I can close off to all the grabby little hands around here...πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨+πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ=😫#artistmomlife #victim #wouldntchangeathing #exceptforrealineedmyownroom

Almost two years ago I got an urgent text from my friend saying I needed to hightail it over to the farmer's market, cause a guy was selling his father's massive art collection. I think I came away with 10 original pieces for like $50 bucks...I think about that day all the time. This large graphic piece was one of my treasures, and I finally finally got it framed. It definitely evokes southern utah rock formations, but I really do think there's a feeling of reverie too, like three people in prayer. "The Three Navajoes" by Max A Weaver #myartfulhome #pocketofmyhome

True statement of preference: I like black best (and maybe only) when it's warmed up with brown. #victimofmysoulcolors #earthtones #monoprint #printmaking

One of the best parts of a rather dreary weekend (sick in bed with the flu) was an unexpected visit and an unexpected gift of this beautiful piece of fiber art from my good friend and artist @carlynanna. I love it so much it hurts a little. It made me feel among other things, grateful and happy to be able to try and express myself, and even better, to join with others in that act. #doitfortheprocess #creativelifehappylife #thehappynow

It's a scrap and rethink kinda day. #creativeexercise #creativeprocess #rethink

The layers and the mask. #monoprint #stratigraphy

If art-mediums were people, I would be having like a soul-mate connection with monoprinting. #itjustgetsme #monoprint

That time I looked down and was like whoa, art on my palette. #didntevenmeanto #beautifulmess #accidentalart

Layers like ribbons in a rock, each vein telling of a unique climate, a time with a beginning and an end. #rockribbons #layers #monoprint

Layers and textures and textiles, checking all my boxes this morning. βœ…βœ…βœ… #monoprint #layers #textures #textiles

Whenever I take a long hiatus from IG, it's usually cause I'm either doing super awesome or having a rough go--both extremes kinda make me withdraw. This time it's the former, I've been in a really good place lately--finding so much peace through meditation and some new daily family rituals. You can't beat the New Year for a good old fashioned fresh-start. And there's so much I've got cooking too! I'm working behind the scenes on my new website, along with new art to fill it up. This monoprint is the first of many you'll start seeing around here, I call it Tipping. #thehappynow #untilireadthenews #amiright