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& on this very day 10 years ago, Spencer challenged me to rock, paper, scissors to see who would have to go grab us both water bottles. I lost, and quickly learned just how much water you drink. I knew that night that I needed to befriend you! Not only does your weird match my weird, your lazy matches my lazy. I love you and I like you and I can’t wait to marry you, boo 😘

i choose this qt pie w/ whom i wanna b🎶

HUGE shoutout to ALL the lovely ladies who came to shower this bride-to-be yesterday! sure felt a whole lotta love💕 just over a month until #murandsvenwed #hadthishashtagreadyYEARSago 😜

bc @arcadefire was on snl last night & i remembered they love disco balls just as much as i do 🌐


procrastinating renewing my passport by doing some real intense vacation research 🏝🤩

you’re the sun in mah morning babe 🔆🎶

Ocean’s Five ⛲️💰🎰

@pantone 3292 👌🏻

this weekend was good for the soul✨


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