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mirandaplummer  **Official historian of Pound Hall**

James Arthur and I have a lot in common: we've both been crushing it since 1997 and we are both loved by Lincoln #twinsies #MYGLASSESAREINMYHAIROKAYMOMCHILL #IBRUSHMYHAIRIPROMISE

Forced them to take a group photo and YELLED "TOP MODEL POSES EVERYONE!!!" and that's definitely not the worse thing I've made them do in the past 4 weeks. Don't worry they secretly love me!!

**demands bride has mouth full of muffin in our photo together** #PlummergoneCAMPing

We just went on a 3 hr ~architectural~ scavenger hunt around Lincoln. I really hope my professor enjoys this quality pic of us with the capitol's dome :-)

I'd like to thank not only Twitter, but also John Mayer for bringing this magical duo back together. 2/4 of the morning show reunited. Siobhan wasn't missed. Mrs. Stewart was.

Spent this past week:
-Bullying Girlie to turn a BWI airport drop off into a Washington tour
-Taking a sister pic after climbing Mount Tussey aka NOT being ~refugees from the summer heat~
-Going to a Penn State philosophy professor's rabbitry aka my Uncle's bunny farm - Hanging out with my favorite mafia villagers #saveGirlie #killGirlie
So I guess you could say it was a great cottage week
#LYTGFY #Cottage2017

Left firework show after 3 mins bc sweating isn't our thing, wearing nightgowns and petting dogs is our thing

When an old couple behind you at the John Legend concert tries to fight you because you won't sit down #SRYNOTSRY #ITSLIT

Saved the ~best~ for last. The final farewell to Pound, it's only fitting I say it from the community bathtub. Thank you community bathtub for never ceasing to be a great conversation starter. Yes, people use it. No, I'm not one of them. Thank you for always being an unwanted alternative to showering. Can't say I've ever considered it, but I appreciate you nevertheless. Sad to see you go down with the rubble of this place. Your existence will be missed, not so much function. #AFarewelltoPound (5/5)

GOTCHA! I'm not at the beach! I'm in my floor's common room!!!!! Farewell beautiful 9th floor common room mural, thank you for the daily reminder that I'm not at the beach, but in my 1963 dorm! I'm truly heartbroken you can't be saved #AFarewelltoPound (4/5) P.S. Thanks Elsa for being the Kris to my Kim, you're the best stage mom a girl could ask for!!


Farewell to the couch I threw up on in the Pound lobby after "eating some weird chicken" at a frat party. Lol and as we all know Pound never ceases to disappoint its residents, so in classic Pound fashion, when I went looking to get a picture with this couch, I found its furniture had already all been donated. So this is more of a memorial to this fantastic couch. Hope you find a girl that will appreciate you as much as I did pal :'-) Farewell. #AFarewellToPound (3/5) 📷: for this and all the series photos past and future, my roommate and only person that is nice enough (or crazy?) to put up with my annoying/also crazy self @elsacmarie

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