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For my GP, dietian & nutritionist...Heres an entry for my food diary...Naughty but nice, everything Im not suppose to have...Hot banana split with nuts with hot choco topping waffle. :-) Mmmmm oh well if Im going to bloat til I get answers may as well do it in style :-):-):-)

Finally...My vitamin C...This will get me started!

LOOK @THIS ...My garden...look at the bottom of the tree.The result of less than 2mins of heavy ice ball (hail stones) ...WOW :-)

Here I am with my buddies.

I' ready! All dressed up and ready to go! Can't believe these flowers are blooming already. Spotted it the other day but as it was looking down thought it was only the bud like the others.

What a beauty.I met & played with this girl a few weeks ago.Such a stunner.She is the 2nd one that I have met in the last year.What a rare find.

The wall of FAME in 1 of my favourite coffee bars. Awesome!!! Something I can TOTALLY relate too...its why Im always hyper :-):-):-)

What a stunner...caught my eye! Couldnt resist.Had to go back & snap.What a beauty!

Check this pretty arrangement...what a stunning combination of colours.

To BRIGHTEN up your day...passed this on my way today...had to go back & snap it in somebodys garden...What a beauty!

Hey Good Looking!

Check out this BEAUTY...Had to go back & snap it

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