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These violent delights have violent ends 📸: @lesbaker5

That one time i had the best time at Aspen Food & Wine 🍷♥️

I always tell the girls to grab ‘em by the uvula. 👅 📸: @hyperfisch

Missed these goons ♥️♥️

@wendellsdenver this weekend was simply delightful. 🍓🍳

Blondie sammiches and @si_bonobo 📸: @hyperfisch

On the day after Father’s day, I’d like to share a story about my dad. For those of you that don’t know - On April 13, 2018 I had to give my hardest goodbye to my fur child Obi as a result of end stage liver disease, which was a lack of development or a regeneration issue he seemed to be born with. It was earth shattering for me, & the five difficult months he was extremely sick leading up to it taught me a lot about myself & the people that I looked to for support, as I watched my dog’s health deteriorate knowing there was nothing I could do. My father has always supported me in various ways throughout my life: sports, music, showcasing a great work ethic, disciplining me when I needed it, & pushing me to want more for myself have been a few of the many components that have shaped me into the person I am today. But the way he supported me through this trying time with my furbabe was a little different than the kind of support I usually go to my dad for. The week I knew I had to say goodbye to Obi, my father took the Amtrak train from Iowa, took time off work, and was there for me in a flash as he helped me prepare for what was to come. He stayed at my house with Obi while I was at work, he went & got food when I was too depressed to remember to eat, & he even helped me get my tires fixed & oil changed when they were both well overdue. He was patient, he was supportive, but most importantly he was also sad with me. He drove us to the vet, sat in the room, allowed tears to roll off his face during those final moments, & sat in silence with me the entire way home. My father has always been a pillar of structure and support in a different way than he was for me this past April, but his ability to be supportive while also showing his devastation & sadness made me feel even more comforted, & I will never forget how different this love and support felt from him during a very sad period of time. I saw strength in a different light, and it was so much greater than the strength most men think they have. In a world full of tough guys my dad was the toughest because he was real & human while also being my rock during the most trying experience I’ve ever had♥️ Love you dad!

Cucumbers and roses make quite the team. I’ll forever take a shot of Malort with you @annemarie_sagoi 🌹♥️

☀️Throwback to Gemini Season ♊️ 2017☀️ 📸: @ohitsheather ♥️

Cuz if ya don’t know - now ya know 🙃♥️ Edit: not interested in doing promo for your night clubs ya weirdos - just tryna help my friends get $20 off!

When it heats up in Denver - you hop up to the mountains ☀️🏔

Even with the sunshine there was still a storm a brewin’ ⚡️☀️ 📸: @meredithgerdes

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