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Miranda Leconte 🌲  Environmentalist, Conservationist Former USFS Wilderness Ranger 📭 [email protected]


View through my iPhone at our last dinner on Oahu✌🏼

Dreaming of the rugged Na Pali coast while lounging on Oahu...you can take the girl out of the wild but you definitely can't take the wild out of the girl👌🏼

Touché, Oahu. You got me.

13-yr old sis cruisin through like she owns the place 😎👍🏼

Don't you quit!!
(I go nuts for vintage USFS flyers)

I’m a pretty fucking strong woman. I’m nervous to post pictures of myself like this because guys can be super creepy and gross- I’ve had shit happen to me in the past that’s too terrifying to discuss publicly, and I promised myself I would never be a victim.
I believe in my strength as a woman, my brother's strength as a man, my baby cousin’s strength as a little girl, and equally my baby cousin’s son as a little boy.
I’m posting this because I feel trapped. I’m supposed to feel a certain way because I’m a woman, but I don’t. I’ve worked in a male-dominant workforce for a few years and I don’t feel like my rights have been taken away, in any way. I feel pretty great, but I understand that many others don’t. I’m feeling for these people and I truly am sending all my best vibes their way.
I’ve made it a rule to stay away from politics on IG so this is as far as I’ll go, but I wanted to let you know that women are just as strong as men. I know so many women who can prove it to you. Let me begin 💁🏻

Anyone know of any kickass videographers or photographers that might want to shoot my Tahoe backcountry wedding this June? Tag them, message me, let's get this going!🙌🏼
I'm heading back to Hawaii in a couple weeks so I've got this on the mind but also a wedding to plan so I'd love some help with the media side 🎥

This storm 👍🏼

Meet the wilderness area I patrolled & took care of for 3+ years with the U.S. Forest Service. This is absolutely 100% my favorite place on earth. Photo taken while backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail.
(ps. this summery scene is currently under 10 feet of snow)

Before the storm

Playin with drones

Another favorite from 2016.