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Miranda Leconte 🌲  Former U.S. Forest Service Ranger 📬mirandaleconte@gmail.com


You can't hear much from up here. Maybe the occasional call of a hawk soaring past if you're lucky. The air is always crisp and the breeze calms even the worst of anxiety. Everything melts away here. Everything is better here.

If you haven't read my latest blog post, the link is in my bio! I wrote a pretty big announcement in there so make sure to let me know what you think!

Big announcement in my latest blog post - Reflections of a Former Forest Service Ranger. Link to the blog post is in my bio. Let me know what you think 😉

‼️IMPORTANT! 👉🏼 I just figured out that the "contact" form on my website (www.mirandaleconte.com) hasn't been working for at least a couple months and I haven't received ANY emails sent from there. If you sent me an email through that page, re-send it! It's fixed now, I'm so sorry!!

Welcome to Tahoe.
🗻california girls - @nombemusic vs @sonnyalven
feat. @orukayak


Drone - 1 | Miranda - 0
Don't try to hand-catch a mavic pro like you can with phantoms. Or at least if you do, don't do it when you're standing unsteadily on a rock in Lake Tahoe with thousands of dollars of gear on your back making it not such a great time to have rotating blades practically chop off your fingertips while you're holding the drone in the air and you can't move or let go otherwise you and your gear and your new drone will fall into the water. Another good day for Miranda 😂🙌🏼

Today I drove to Mammoth & back for no reason(6hrs). Then I tried to kayak on a few lakes just south of Tahoe(2 more hrs) but when I got there they still had several feet of snow covering them. Then I wanted to fly my drone over a river to get some shots but my SD card was full. So now I'm going to go work out, hop in the hot tub and drink a smoothie. Life is pretty good buuuuuut I'm callin it. This day is over for me 😂

Evening cruisin around the lake 👐🏼

2017 is a kayaking kind of year for me - especially while there's still snow on the shores of my favorite lakes!

Amazing friends in amazing places. It doesn't get better than this. Also I wonder which tree is the lightning rod on this hill? 🤔😂

This isn't an ad...this is me loving on this print by @mike_petzold because it's AMAZING 😵

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