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miranda waters  22 / English major 📚📍james madison university VA ~ sometimes I lift things n post about it

raise ur hand if u were into fitness when it was cool to have every color and pair of Nike pros and u would wear them in public knowing damn well the 45 year old lady at tropical smoothie would ask if ur cold. Dats me in the second pic: cold

Hi I love my new shorts and I think it’s bc they’re sorta tan and u know what else is tan? tortillas, croutons, etc aka the good things in life

really good at sitting on my floor, not so good at cleaning my mirror

t minus five weeks til my family and I spend Easter on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas... now accepting links for bikini bottoms with more coverage 🤪 ha ha ha ha ANYWAY this surprise cruise is what ended my bulk a little early, but I’ve been cutting at a hella slow pace just to keep as much of my gains as posssssible 🤠🤠 yee doggy


I cannot tell you how much emotional stress the term “lady-like” has caused me in my years of growing up. Literally force-fed this idea that I always had to be skinnier & that I needed to be more feminine if I wanted to have a better future with a husband to love me. ⁣

But lemme tell you what, it’s all bullshit.⁣

The best thing i do for myself is pay attention to what I want, rather than what anyone else wants. I love my muscles. I love wearing crop tops out and about. And when people on Facebook tell me I’m dressing like a “hoochie” or someone tells me quads don’t look very feminine, I giggle and keep going. ⁣

We are all so so so different. I drool over dainty women with cute little natural thigh gaps, but I also drool over women with biceps the size of my head, and women with asses naturally fatter than I’ll ever achieve. Women empower women and it’s as simple as that 🤷🏼‍♀️⁣ happy #internationalwomensday ladies!!!

couldn’t afford to go on spring break bc of my caffeine & leggings addiction so here’s a pic from summer while I drink my carbonated caffeinated beverage IN MY BED 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

I just wanted you to see my pants, not for you to see that I still haven’t learned how to part my hair 🤠

u come here often ?

now selling authentic white monster room decor dm for more information!! #girlboss

the Arnold being scheduled the same weekend that my rent is due is quite honestly rude. If u need me I’ll be serving chips n salsa instead of drooling over shredded insta babes bye

ngl I don’t think these leggings make anyone’s butt look very good ~however~ they’re comfy as heck for a good ol’ chest n tris day. ps - wash ur hands ppl!!! for some reason every one is dying of the head cold plague and I had it for approx 18 hours and now I’m scared to touch any of u 🥰😋

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