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Mirai Nagasu  A skater's life for me. 2018 Olympic Bronze medalist P&G ~ Team Milk ~ KT Tape

(2/2) Although our journey was short, I also want to thank Alan for the creativity that went into each of the dances. I know he felt that he had high expectations to meet since he was paired with a figure skater and tbh, I was not a good dancer in the beginning. He also put up with a sleep deprived, post-Olympic diet me so I’m grateful for all of the food adventures I would lug him to.
To Meryl, who came in to mentor Adam and me and has since given me the best advice ever, thank you. To tell me that I should unapologetically be myself has truly meant so much.
And finally, to everyone who has supported me, thank you. I will continue to keep being the diva fighter I am. #grateful

(1/2) After getting over the initial shock of being eliminated, I’ve had time to reflect and decided it would be unlike me to not share my genuine feelings.
Ultimately, although I realize it is a reality television show, it hurts to have been eliminated. I’ve been sent direct messages about how entitled my personality comes across and how egotistical I am. I want these people to know that after being knocked down so many times, my self-confidence is something I’ve truly had to work to build. At the end of the day, to be told that my personality sucks is truly hurtful and this has led me to question myself. I will not apologize to anyone I’ve offended because the sarcastic, dry person I have become is someone that truly loves herself and I’ve had to crawl up from the lowest of places to do so.
As far as DWTS goes, I am eternally grateful for the experience of being on the show. After competing for so long on my own, competing with a partner was something I’d really wanted. It was everything and more than I could’ve asked for. It was the reward I was looking for after years of working to achieve an Olympic medal. From dancing amongst a sea of Mickey ears to portraying a BO$$ woman, the experience was truly magical. However, it was definitely not easy. It was not easy to be pitted against and then lose to one of my best friends. It was also not easy to sleep an average of 3-4 hours every night and to learn a style of dance that I’d never even heard of before. Not only that, to have a skating show later that day and in a different city every day wasn’t easy. For those difficult moments, my skating family was always there and for that I am grateful. To have them wake me when I’d fallen asleep mid-show is a kindness I will not forget. While this was a demanding experience, it was the best time I’ve ever had because the hard work was incredibly rewarding.
I have also loved meeting all of the people who make DWTS a possibility. From the field producers to the makeup artists who erased the bags from under my eyes, I truly enjoyed being a part of the show. #dwts

I’m ready for the showdown of the century. Make sure you guys vote vote vote! #teamfireiceandspice

Happy Mother’s Day to my GOAT. Let’s all take a universal moment to celebrate the unending faith our moms have in us and the unbelievable amount of effort they have put into helping us become the people we are. Love you mom ❤️ #mom

Hey @adaripp remember when you used to think you were a witch? Well, prepare to get burnt at the stake. It took me days to come up with that. But, side note, @karebearsk8 knows which the right team is. You ready for our jive battle? #team🔥❄️🌶

This week has been all about channeling my inner diva so it was fitting that the car that picked me up embodied my motto for the week. Fun fact: my aim screen name used to be @divaonice321

Obviously @arike_ogunbowale went home too early but did anyone else notice my cameo appearance? #dwts #cameo

Obligatory princess and prince photo. Thoughts on next week’s quickstep? #dwts

So glad that #quadbae came to support. Guys, please don’t stop voting for this valley girl! #dwts

T-minus 30 minutes! #vote

Wondering what it’s like to be on @starsonice and @dancingabc ?
There’s a link in the bio for a new video I just posted about the week leading up to the premiere of DWTS. Lots of @adaripp and @alanbersten content so make sure to check it out. I lost a lot of sleep to put it together so make sure you like, comment, and subscribe (AND VOTE) to encourage me to make another. Should I though? 😂#dancingwiththestars #starsonice #adamrippon #alanbersten

Sorry not sorry for the cuteness overload. (Also, check out our hats. Stay tuned and pay attention to @alanbersten ‘s instapage for a hat giveaway) #dwts #disneyland #disney #disneylife #foxtrot

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