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日本科学未来館, Miraikan  日本科学未来館公式アカウントです。Official account of Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, in Tokyo. SNS policy: jst.go.jp/en/sns.html


We are currently having Moon festival in Miraikan. The image of the Moon captured by the lunar orbiter "Kaguya" screened on the Miraikan's symbol display the Geo-Cosmos.


What is that science can never solve?
This week’s question is from Masatoshi Koshiba, a Japanese physicist who was awarded the Noble Prize in Physics in year 2002 for detection of cosmic neutrinos.
More than 20 Nobel Laureates visited Miraikan so far. You can check their messages at the “Nobel QーQuestions from Nobel Laureates” permanent exhibition on the 3rd floor.

9月16日(日)に開催された佐藤卓氏トークイベント「デザインて、なんだろう?」より。開催中の企画展「デザインあ展 in TOKYO」の総合ディレクターである佐藤氏の「デザイン」に対する熱い想いやプライベートの素顔など気さくな人柄に引き込まれるあっという間の1時間半でした。

Pictures from the talk event " What is Design?" by Mr. Taku Sato, General Director of the Special Exhibition "Design Ah! Exhibition in TOKYO" on 16th September.

【企画展「デザインあ展 in TOKYO」】 本日より「デッサンあ」のモチーフが宇宙服(展示用)に変わりました! 360度ぐるりとモチーフを取り囲んで描くこの展示では、 描く人それぞれの見方や表現を楽しむことができます。 皆さんが会場で描いたデッサンは特設サイトで紹介されています。 特設サイト「デッサンあ」>https://dessin-ah.jp/
Starting from today, a new motif of a space suit has been added to the "Dessin Ah" hands on activity of the "Design Ah" exhibition. Come and create your own design based on the new motif. Drawings created at the exhibition site will be shown on the "Dessin Ah!" special website > https://dessin-ah.jp/

「あなたの夢はなんですか? 夢に向かって頑張っていますか?」 これはノーベル賞受賞者の山中伸弥先生(ノーベル生理学・医学賞、2012)から「来館者にいつまでも考え続けてもらいたい問い」としていただいたメッセージです。

What is your dream? Are you doing your best towards your dream?
This question has been offered to all Miraikan visitors by Shinya Yamanaka, a Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2012.
More than 20 Nobel Laureates visited Miraikan so far. You can check their messages at the “Nobel QーQuestions from Nobel Laureates” exhibition on the 3rd floor.


Only 1 month left until the 2018 Nobel Prize Announcement!
At the “Nobel QーQuestions from Nobel Laureates” exhibition (3rd floor, “Create Your Future” zone) you can read messages and ponder questions offered by Nobel Laureates who visited Miraikan. How would you answer their questions?

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Life(Ku-wall)-no.6 宮島達男|3F常設展示より
Life (Ku-wall) - no.6 Tatsuo Miyajima
The digital LED counters continuously change and the work itself somehow resembles a living creature. In what sense do you find "life" in this work?

At the Co-Studio on 5F, you can meet the science communicators who give talks and activities on various topics of science. Feel free to talk to them about your questions regarding exhibitions or latest scientific issues.


A new interactive content featuring space weather forecast is now available as a part of the “This is ISS, go ahead” permanent exhibition on the 5th floor.

Besides global warming, heat island phenomenon is one of the causes behind the warming of the urban environment. This computer simulation shows the heat environment of central Tokyo area on a summer day calculated by the Earth Simulator supercomputer.

The video simulation can be seen in Miraikan on a large display in the Communication Lobby on the 1st floor, and as a part of the Geo-Scope permanent exhibition on the 3rd and 5th floor.
The video is also available online on the museum's Youtube channel (MiraikanChannel):

Credit: Courtesy of JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)

未来館の常設展をもっと楽しむ公式スマホアプリ「Miraikanノート」に新しいモデルコースが追加されました!企画展「デザインあ展 in TOKYO」に関連して、デザインの視点で常設展をお楽しみいただけます。アプリの詳細はこちら→http://www.miraikan.jst.go.jp/activity/miraikan.html

Mobile App “Miraikan Notebook” has new addition of “Model Course” for you to explore the exhibits through design-perspective, related to the special exhibition “Design Ah! in TOKYO”. For more information about the app: http://www.miraikan.jst.go.jp/en/activity/miraikan.html

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