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Miraikan, 日本科学未来館  Official account of Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, in Tokyo. Facebook: Miraikan, SNS policy: jst.go.jp/en/sns.html


4 new permanent exhibitions just opened! What is the Internet, really? What does “life-likeness” mean? What about a future society where a technology supported "health innovation by daily exercise" becomes a reality? Why is exploring Venus a good way to learn about the Earth? You can ponder these questions as you explore our newly opened exhibitions: (in order of appearance) "A Hands-On Model of the Internet 2017", "Alter - A life-like entity", "<Laboratory for New Media> 18th Exhibition 'Activate Yourself - project for lazy athletes'", and "<Laboratory to Explore the Frontiers> Venus Climate Orbiter 'Akatsuki' - the challenge of Venus exploration".
4つの新・常設展示オープン!インターネットってそもそも何?「生命らしさ」って何だろう?テクノロジーで「運動を生活カルチャー化」した未来ってどんな感じ?金星を探査すると地球のことが分かるのはなぜ?そんな問いを深めてみませんか。新展示は、写真の順に:「インターネット物理モデル2017」、「機械人間『オルタ』」、「〈メディアラボ〉第18期『アクティブでいこう! ものぐさ→アスリート化計画』」、「〈フロンティアラボ〉 金星探査機『あかつき」の挑戦」。

The transparency and flexibility are the concept behind the design of the curved, cutting-edge technology glass. This is the Geo-Cockpit, which is the control room for "Globe-like display", the Geo-Cosmos.

A special event just for tonight, "Night Museum vol.1 - Earth Viewing in Miraikan -"
今夜限りの未来館「ナイトミュージアム vol 1. ―未来館で「お地球見」―」

The winning works for the contest, which explores new possibilities and methods of expression for the spherical display Geo-Cosmos, have been awarded today for “Movie category”, “Live Content category” and "Idea category"! Starting from June 4, the works will be screened on the Geo-Cosmos. The theme is “Invisible Reality”.

H-IIA rocket (flight 34) with MICHIBIKI-2 satellite aboard successfully launched from the Tanegashima Space Center on June 1, 2017! MICHIBIKI-2 is a part of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, which is expected to function as a Japanese version of the GPS. The beautifully complex H-IIA rocket's first stage engine LE-7A (original) is on display at Miraikan.

Good deals for a muffin or a coconut chipped cookie with a drink! This limited time menu is available until June 25 at Miraikan Café. The muffin is offered in two flavors: blue berry cheese cream or tiramisu flavor.
Miraikan Caféで人気のマフィンとココナツチップクッキーに、お得なドリンクセットが6/25までの期間限定で登場!マフィンは、ブルーベリーチーズクリームかティラミスのお好きな方を。

"Alice in Wonderland" (1951), Concept art by Mary Blair. Special Exhibition “The Art of Disney - The Magic of Animation” is now showing at Miraikan!
《ふしぎの国のアリス》(1951年)、メアリー・ブレアによるコンセプト・アート。企画展「ディズニー・アート展 いのちを吹き込む魔法」は未来館で開催中!(c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Give your ideas shape with Miraikan's original ballpoint pen newly designed with Permanent Exhibitions' icons. This popular souvenir is now exclusively available at the Miraikan Shop.
これなら勉強がはかどるかも?!常設展示のアイコンをあしらったボールペン、Miraikan Shop限定販売のオリジナル新商品です。

A ball is moving uphill!? "Visual Illusion Lab in the Land of Mathematics" exhibition is until May 15. "Repulsive Slopes" by Kokichi Sugihara

The other side of the main entrance. The half-sphere is the Dome Theater.

Special Exhibition “The Art of Disney - The Magic of Animation” is now showing at Miraikan! This show will focus on the moment when life is given to the characters.
企画展「ディズニー・アート展 いのちを吹き込む魔法」は未来館で開催中!ディズニー・アニメーションの数々の魔法を解き明かし、まさに「いのちが吹き込まれた瞬間」に迫ります。
(c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Enjoy ice cream that pops in your mouth! Cosmo Twister available at Miraikan Café.
口の中ではじける宇宙?!Miraikan Caféの人気メニュー、コスモツイスター。

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