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I’ve worked my ASS off to get here today.
Was It EASY? Hell No.
BUT It was POSSIBLE and still is for you all.
I’m telling you, if I can do it!

REPOSTING this vid because people need to hear it and read it....
having a large social media following can sometimes be stressful and tear on people like no other... you are more at risk for insults, criticism, and brutal comments...
some people may call you a slut, some may accuse you of editing, some might just talk shit to their friends, and many will support and love you...
these are all things that can come with that...
once again i always try to keep It real with you guys and i think posting videos of my body shows the real progress and the real effort i have put into my body and physical fitness. you have to realize in photos people flex and even post their best angles! WHO WOULDNT lol... Of course we want to look good... once again another perfect reason for me to post a video... no one should critique anyone for their body or say those harmful things, our bodies are part of us but they aren’t all of who we are either...
It takes a lot for me to post stuff like this and i even look at and try and pull out all my flaws which is wrong on my part as well...
I CANNOT tell you enough how important It is to love yourself for who you are and don’t be bothered by these things even tho it’s natural human nature too but you always got to at least strive to tell yourself that is wrong to do! That’s the best you can do for yourself, didn’t want to post too much about this because that’s the simple reality of It all. Btw sorry if I️ sound like a complete idiot or this doesn’t make sense to you!💓

sorry for another transformation pic, but actually not sorry 😉... i just want to show you all that anything is POSSIBLE
work hard to INSPIRE and make yourself PROUD because you deserve to and you deserve to feel AMAZING AF in your skin
i guarantee you experiences like this don’t just change your appearance they change your outlook on so many things and challenge your mental abilities beyond what you think you can accomplish! it’s insane how much I’ve grown as a person and in all aspects of life during my fitness journey!
got some more vids comin’ this week for ya’ll 😘

when your pants look like two different colors in different photos hahaha— happy thanksgiving all! 🖤 hope you all had a blessed day with your loved ones and were able to relax and enjoy some good food 🍖⭐️— don’t forget to check out my Black Friday special posted on my story 🖤

BUILDING muscle takes time and patience and perseverance and consistency
work hard for your goals and never stop working at them, you will achieve everything if you have that mindset
YOUR MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. If it’s positive you’re in the right direction. Negativity will get you no where. Some days will be harder, some will be easier, but what should always be the same is the mindset in the back of your brain

UPPER BOD favs 💪🏽💙— combined so many workouts together for a killer workout!

B🍑🍑TY ALL DAY EVERY DAY! haha one of my fav muscle groups to work! recently been hitting light weights with all my booty workouts because it’s helped me to focus more on developing correct form and target specific area of my booty more. Always sayin form over weight! but definitely going heavy has its benefits too. You got to do what’s right for your body. Been suffering a lot of lower back issues so going lower with weight has also been destressing on my back and helping me a lot. Found going heavy with my weight made my back muscles taking over instead of my actually butt. 🍑 ALSO, be sure to hold and squeeze — that’s my number one tip when it comes to glute workouts!

some upper bod favs 💪🏽 usually superset all these and do 5 rounds of about 12-15 reps depending on if im doin high weight or low weight! (sorry for the vulgar in the music)

HOME WORKOUTS — all you need is a dumbbell or kettle bell — repeat these 4 sets of 15 — you will literally feel the burn, YOU don’t need a gym to get the body you want or a killer workout in — you also don’t need an excessive amount of time to get a good workout in 😊💪🏽

Triceps, back, and a shoulder workout •

Some of fav exercises •

I haven’t really been focusing on my upper body based on my own personal goals so I tend to combine my favorite exercises into two upper body days throughout the week! this is just what I do! I tend to build muscle on my upper body pretty quick and I’m actually trying to tone it down a little and not build my upper body up any more. I want to keep the size of my upper body relatively the same as it is. These are just my goals right now, as sometimes they can change. 💪🏽 •
oh ya and finally got this nasty pink out of my hair lol right after taking this video 😂

majority wins — this vid isn’t an easy thing for me to post! But I think videos are a good way to demonstrate yourself in the realest way on social media especially in the fitness industry. We all have parts we think are imperfect and this video definitely was out of my comfort zone as I probably could pin point so many things I don’t like about my body. Working on self confidence starts with being real with yourself and realizing no one is perfect. We just need to love ourselves and our bodies for what it is! Cellulite, fat, freckles, bruises, etc. on our bodies MAKE US UNIQUE and beautiful 💖

good booty finishers or warmups — some of my fav exercises — this video is fast forwarded so it looks like I’m not squeezing my butt — but make sure you always squeeze it with these exercises when you are going up because that’s how you isolate your glutes and focus the tension on them! DOUBLE tap if you want me to keep postin’ vids! 💚

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