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Miroslava Duma  CEO and Founder, Future Tech Lab @futuretechlab Young Global Leader Class of 2018

Beach life is so hard 🏖

Same place, new me 🤓
Have you heard of WEF? @worldeconomicforum Ask any questions, will try to find out answers while I am here!
Что вы знаете о Международном Экономическом Форуме? Задавайте любые вопросы, постараюсь всё узнать и ответить, пока я здесь!

Beyond humbled by the honour of being selected by my peers to become part of the @worldeconomicforum Young Global Leaders Class of 2018. I look forward to joining an incredible community of young leaders under 40 from around the world and to dedicating my time to help make the world a better place personally, and through the work of @futuretechlab. More information on this year’s #YGL18 class is here: wef.ch/ygl18

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Good news by Al Gore

State of the world in numbers according to Al Gore

Environmentalist and former US Vice President is cofounder and chair of investment management firm Generation IM, which puts sustainability at the forefront of its strategy. In his interviews he defines sustainability as “improving quality of life without borrowing from the future. Sustainability is the single largest investment opportunity in history. It has the magnitude of the industrial revolution but the speed of the digital revolution”



Every year around 100 billion items of clothing are being produced, around 80 billion are being purchased and over half ends up in landfills, taking decades to decompose. In US alone over 21 billion pounds of clothing end up in landfills... The future of the apparel industry is here: no waste, no dyes, no chemicals, no extra water through closed loop upcycling technology. @osomtex @osombrand are building Osom factories of the future all over the world that are able to create new clothing from discarded clothing. Factories that will revolutionise the industry.
Join us in supporting this amazing mission and these great ladies who wake up every morning following this big dream...here is to Emily and Patricia 💚🌍🌎🌏

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