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Permanant Makeup Products  Creators of world famous Tattoo Candy Topical Anesthetic Cream, Gel and PMU Pigments. We are a PMU/CIT Supply and Training company in So. California.


We have to share this beautiful eyeliner work from our students today 😊 Practicing on live models right off the bat is the best way to learn πŸ™Œ We're super excited to see more of the amazing work from these ladies throughout the rest of the course. Stay tuned for updates πŸ’–β­οΈ

Understanding color theory is essential to being a good Microblading Artist. Sometimes it's hard to know which pigments to mix and when to use modifiers. To help solve the problem, we created a color matching guide on our site. Learn about the characteristics of each pigment and how to properly use the modifiers. Check out the page from the link in bio or go to our site menu, click Resources, and then Color Matching. Happy Microblading πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

This is simply beautiful work by Lis @snapbeauty_sb The brow was starting to thin but with great Microblading, this lovely lady has full, pretty, natural looking new brows. Nice job Lis πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

One of our most popular pigment combinations, Espresso and Hot Fix modifier to keep those new brows from healing too cool. Thanks Marianne @prettyfultoronto for using our pigments and thanks for making them look so good with your amazing work πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

True masters never stop learning and practicing their craft. Set yourself apart from your competition by understanding the fundamentals and advanced techniques of professional eyebrow microblading. The Art of Microblading Manual is a wonderful guide and reference for both the novice artist and seasoned veteran. If you're a teacher, you can take advantage of bulk price savings and ensure your students are fully prepared to make their own success in the beauty industry.

Fresh supply of pigments and ready for business 😘 Thanks for the shoutout Vale @val.proulx πŸ’• Check out this gorgeous gal's beautiful brow artistry and her fabulous hairstyling. She really does amazing work 😊

Have you ever been in a class where there is always someone there to help you? Probably not, unless you received your PMU and CIT training at Minx Mogul. Meet Juliana, Training Assistant and the newest member of the Minx Mogul team. With our Instructors and Assistants, you'll always be accompanied by a dedicated group of people who want to help you succeed. If you're interested in learning a new modality, contact us or check out our upcoming course schedule (link in bio) 😊

We like to feature Artists and Estheticians who make a difference in the lives of others through their amazing work. Carrie @feathered_inc_by_carrie is a wonderful person who has become a dear friend of the Minx Mogul family. She came to us for mentorship and training all the way from North Carolina and left with the confidence to make a name for herself as a professional PMU Artist and Esthetician. We're so proud of Carrie as she has been featured in local media outlets and receives rave reviews from all her clients. We highly recommend reading Carrie's success story on our website and blog. She is a fabulous lady and a true Mogul πŸ€—πŸ’•

It's hard to make brows look more amazingly natural than these. Seriously stunning work by Angela @browbrilliancebyangela 😍 Can't wait to see more of your beautiful brow artistry 😊

We have to share these beautiful brows by Jody @swamp.mermaid.beauty 😍 They are shapely, clean, and full of rich color. This is why so many people want microbladed eyebrows. Love your work Jody 😘

Why do we love our international Distributors? Because they help get our products to you, the Artist, quickly and without the hassle of customs! Because of people like Amanda and her fabulous @microbladecanada team, you can get the best products delivered more efficiently without delay πŸ’•Thank you so much for your hard work @microbladecanada πŸ€— We love being able to reach our Artists in other countries!

The Art of Microblading Manual is now available at Minx Mogul! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book! The manual will be shipped out on Monday to everyone who already purchased a copy. πŸ€— The DVD will be released in the next few weeks and we will ship it separately, free of charge. If you pre-ordered and want to wait for both the Book and DVD together, send us a message! 😘 For those interested in the book, visit our website for more information. There is a direct link in our bio. πŸ™Œ We offer bulk pricing for anyone who teaches Microblading as well!

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