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Minx  íƒ վօմ ժօղե եհíղƙ ӏմӏմ × íɾҽӏíɑ íտ ɑ ϲմեҽ տհíթ աҽ ɑɾҽ եհɾօաíղ հɑղժտ

awe heck can't wait to see you again!

Your girl is shaking from starving herself but dw I'm gonna eat in a bit
Uh me using tags? Sure
#splatoon #splatoon2

Rather be a ghost this season .

not how I wanted to come out but uh?

I'll make my art better don't worry!


should've saw the way she looked me in the eEeEeYYyyYyYeEEeeEeE

doodles of me if I were to be a boy
oh and some tixi cause her oc is fun to draw

Soft serve please

frick I don't have good art to show atm, have some drawings I drew in my small notebook lol

Most of the drawings at a nice crop except for one of them ):

I didn't look for a ref and I'm 100% sure I got the bangs wrong but here you go!!

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