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Minx  💀🍷

Sorry for being gay in story

for an art trade!


shit is brutal, I can't sleep lol, I keep hearing ACTUAL VOICES but my parents are asleep and random noises are sound throughout the house- that's normal I think but not sure about the voices. Never thought I'd act like this so fucking badly

I understand you need space

just want to say I'll always be your good friend and that you STILL mean a lot, I care for you a lot and I know you need some space but please PLEASE take care of yourself ok? I hope you didn't do anything drastic because then I'll worry EVEN MORE; I just want you to be happy, if you're not happy then I'm not happy. I want you to talk to me about your feelings, I want you to talk to me when you feel like it, not forcing you man. I'm so sorry for everything and I know you can let this go, you're strong you just don't know it...please please please...



I love these sketchy eyes :'>

:D !!!

Also I'm unsure if I should post traditional and digital every other day- gotta give you guys VARIETY y'feel

Take this old doodle from idk how many days ago lol

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